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Should you worry about coaches having seatbelts

By 27th August 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Coach Travel Safety
Fasten your seatbelts when travelling by coach

Fasten your seatbelts when travelling by coach

Most of us fasten our seatbelts through pure habit, since we’re so used to having seatbelts in cars. In 1983 in the UK it became compulsory to wear a seatbelt if you were travelling in the front seat of a vehicle. In 1989, children under 14 had to belt up in the back; two years later, this was extended to all passengers.

Coaches are different to cars. They are much larger, and carry a lot of people. If you use a commuter bus, you are not expected to buckle up, so why should you worry about your coach having seatbelts?

Seatbelts save lives

Whilst it is hard to pin down an exact figure, it’s estimated that 2,000 people each year survive a road accident in which they would have been killed if they had not been wearing a seat belt.

If you’re sitting in the back of a car and you are involved in a crash at a fairly low speed of only 30 miles per hour, you will hit the front seat with a force that is equal to between 30 and 60 times your own bodyweight. Not only are you putting your own life at risk by not wearing a seatbelt, you could injure or even kill the person in front of you.

Seatbelts and coaches

At present, it is not mandatory to wear a seatbelt whilst travelling in a coach in the UK, aside from a couple of exceptions:

  • Passengers that are seated in seats that are in line with, or in front of, the driver (not including seats on any upper decks) must wear a seat belt.
  • Passengers over the age of fourteen must wear a seat belt on a coach if one is provided.

Please note: Mayday Travel Ltd advises all passengers to wear a seatbelt if one is there to be worn, no matter what the vehicle or position of the seat.

Not all coaches have seatbelts

It has only been a legal requirement for coaches to be fitted with seatbelts since 2001. If a coach was built before 2001, then there is no legal requirement for that coach to have seatbelts, or to have them fitted retrospectively. All Mayday Travel coaches have seatbelts throughout; we do not take risks when it comes to the safety of our passengers and drivers.

Seatbelts are there for your safety

The risk of serious injury is multiplied in accidents involving large vehicles. There’s more weight, and there are more passengers. If a coach is involved in a crash at speeds approaching 45-60 miles per hour, then the consequences do not bear thinking about.

Whenever you hire a coach, always enquire as to whether the coach you will be travelling in is fitted with seat belts. If it isn’t, change your travel provider immediately. Seatbelts are there for a reason, and there is no sense in taking risks. Any coach operator worth your custom will already have fitted seatbelts as standard.

Remember: every Mayday Travel coach has seatbelts throughout, and you should use them when the coach is in motion. If you have queries about the safety features on our vehicles, speak to Mayday Travel Ltd today.

Photo Credit: Martin Abegglen on Flickr