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Travel to amazing destinations by coach

Travel to amazing destinations by coach

Every mode of transport has certain locations in which it truly comes into its own. For cars, it’s Route 66 in the US; for helicopters, it’s the Grand Canyon (US) or Africa’s Victoria Falls; for trains, it’s any route on the Orient Express. Cyclists may favour Amsterdam or the French countryside, while those with sea legs might say that exploring the Fjords in Norway is an unbeatable boat trip. Beautiful surroundings have the ability to elevate vehicles to new heights, and no more so than for coaches. Here are some spectacular, unusual and little-known journeys that travellers can best enjoy from – yes, that’s right – the humble coach.

The Yorkshire Dales, Britain

At 1,769km2, the much-loved Yorkshire Dales National Park is arguably too big to fully explore on foot (if you want to see everything, that is) and too hilly for all but the fittest of cyclists. Public transport is scarce – in fact, the area’s only bus, the Northern Dalesman, makes the 40-mile journey just once a week, though it does stop off at some breathtaking spots. Coaches can easily be organised to take you across the Dales, perhaps as part of a holiday where you stay overnight at B&Bs along the way. You can explore the picturesque village of Ingleton, the Georgian market town of Richmond, Hawes (home of the Wensleydale Creamery) and the Hardraw Force – England’s highest single-drop waterfall.

Perhaps you are already planning your summer holiday for next year and this have given you some inspiration?

Tyrol, Austria

The coach has long been the favoured mode of transport for skiing holidays in the Austrian Alps, and is the perfect option for taking in one of Austria’s famed beauty spots: Tyrol. Outside of the ski season, the province is adored for its scenic hikes, crystal-blue lakes and plunging valleys, and for the locals’ distinctive cultural traditions and love of food. Once you’re there, there are endless walks and views to discover: the Wilder Kaiser mountain range, the High-Mountain Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps (taking in the amazing contrast of greenery and glaciers), the Olympiaregion Seefeld and the gorgeous Eagle’s Walk.

London (UK) to New York (US)

Yes, that’s right: you can now travel over ground from London to New York on a bus or coach – stopping at Prague, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Moscow, Ilan Batur, Beijing, Xi’an, Osaka, Vancouver, Seattle and Chicago in between – for the small price of £7,199! The coach is an ideal choice for such as journey, enabling you to kick back and take in the sights of the scenic route, without the exhaustion of doing all the driving. The London to New York route is not the only coach trip on offer – operators are also looking into Birmingham to Mirpur (Pakistan), London to Sydney, and even coach trips around the sunny M25!

Though Mayday Travel cannot take you as far as New York or Pakistan, we offer beautiful trips throughout the UK and Europe. Contact us today to organise your perfect adventure.