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Let’s face it, us Brits love our holidays, whether looking for our next city adventure or sunny climate to travel to. This can often lead us to forget about some of the amazing places to visit and explore across our own nation. Here are some of the reasons why you should start putting together your UK bucket list.

Have you discovered the wonderful delights the UK has to offer? Expert travel guide covering why you should explore the UK, how to start your bucket list & easy travel options. Try luxury coach hire for a hassle free trip.

Why Explore the UK?

We live in such a beautiful place of the world with so much to see and experience. From the expansive lake district in Cumbria to the stunning sights throughout the Cotswolds and Cornwall, there’s so much natural beauty and heritage to find in every village, town and city. The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so your adventures may even involve a cruise or boat transfer across the Irish sea. There’s also plenty of places to visit in the South, including fun to be had in London, endless culture in Oxford and Cambridge, the Jurassic Coast to explore and lots of cool things to do in Brighton.

Starting Your List

One of our best tips is to divide your bucket list into seasons, thinking about what fits in best with the time of year. There are some great UK Christmas markets if that’s up your street, including those in the picturesque settings of Bath and Winchester. Consider which regions you haven’t explored yet or places you’ve always wanted to go. You can even take a look at our day trips to provide you with some inspiration. Of course, it’s not just about places to tick of the list. Think about the experiences you’d love to do as well. Have you ever seen Stonehenge or been to a West End show in London? Note down all those things you feel you ‘must get around to doing’ (but never do), add them to the list and make them happen – you only live once!

Easy Travel Options

One of the best ways to see the country and get around is by coach, eliminating the hassle of unreliable public transport which can often spoil a traveller’s enjoyment thanks to packed carriages, delays, expensive tickets and uncomfortable seating. Whether organising a small group or a large-scale transfer, luxury private coaches are a great option for those looking to explore the UK. Imagine air con in the Summer, a private driver who can pick you up from agreed pickup points and comfortable seating that will make you feel more than relaxed travelling to and from each location. Whether you’re visiting some of Kent and Surrey’s gorgeous gardens in the Spring or planning to discover some of the UK’s top cities, it’s important to find a reliable company you can depend on time and time again.

Ready to start exploring?

Here at Mayday Travel, we provide easy private coach hire services and even have in-house planners who can help you put together the best itinerary for your trip. We have a range of luxury vehicles to choose from, including minibuses, coaches and double-decker buses. We cover a wide area of London, Surrey and the South East, including King’s Cross, Knightsbridge and Balham and now Hackney. Call now on 020 8680 5111 to get a free quote on UK travel.