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Why Choose the Coach Over Train, Plane or Automobile?

By 11th June 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Coach Travel Safety, Day Trips

no-trainOver the years, coach travel has been seen as a second place option by many seasoned travellers. Coaches have gained a reputation as being hot, stuffy and uncomfortable, yet the reality of modern coach trips is very different.

Here are some good reasons to choose the coach.

Coach Travel is Affordable

Every year, the cost of train travel increases, and it’s becoming a less viable option for long distance trips in the UK. In November 2009, the Daily Mail revealed that a ticket from Cornwall to Scotland cost £1,002 on the day of travel. Two years later, the BBC found that a train journey from St Albans to London cost £2,988 if bought on the same day.

Mayday Travel offers European coach trips for a fraction of the price. In March, we ran a day trip to Bruges in Belgium for just £35 per seat.

Coaches are Safe

no-planeWhen travelling, you always put your trust in the operator to ensure you reach your destination safely. Travelling in a car is far less safe than travelling in a coach. Old-fashioned coaches sometimes skimped on safety. However, all of Mayday Travel’s vehicles have lap belts or full three point seatbelts for every passenger on board.

Additionally, the extra legroom, when compared to a train or plane, means you’re less likely to suffer aches and pains or more serious circulation problems. On average, coach travel is six times safer than travelling by car.

Coaches are Luxurious

If you haven’t travelled on a coach for a few years, you might avoid it out of principle. Thankfully, today’s coaches are not at all like the dark, stuffy vehicles that you may have endured in the past. Practically every vehicle is air conditioned, and the interiors have been tweaked to make them more comfortable and spacious than ever.

Mayday Travel has a range of vehicles of varying sizes. Some have wifi, so you can enjoy using your tablet or laptop on the go. Our larger vehicles have restrooms that are cleaned and maintained to ensure that they are pleasant to use. If you book a coach trip overseas with us, we’ll organise everything for you, including refreshments and any ferry connections, so you need not even leave your seat.

Coaches are Eco-Friendly

coach1Flying may be cheap, but it incurs significant environmental costs. Aeroplanes pollute the atmosphere and use massive amounts of fuel. Coaches, on the other hand, are very efficient, and travelling by coach can help you lower your carbon footprint. On average, a single full-sized coach carries the same number of people as 20 cars.

Our drivers will plan their route for efficiency, too, while taking in as many of the local sights and attractions as possible.

Booking Your Coach

Mayday Travel offers one-off coach hires with driver, regular journeys via contract, and special excursions for shopping, sightseeing and more. For our latest prices, contact us today here or give us a call on 0208 680 5111 to find out where you could go next.