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Why Hiring a Coach For Your Wedding Party is a Good Idea

By 18th December 2015October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Wedding Coach Hire
Consider a minibus for your wedding guests

Consider a minibus for your wedding guests

Wedding take months, or years, of planning, yet they can collapse into chaos in minutes. You can plan the catering, the décor and the dress to a tee, but the guests are usually a law unto themselves.

Most weddings have to accommodate people of all ages, from babies up to great grandparents, and everyone in between. Getting dozens of people from place to place can be a real challenge at the best of times; when you throw some unfamiliar roads into the mix, it can end in complete disaster.

Why hire a minibus for your wedding?

When planning your big day, it’s important to make sure you’re pragmatic in the way you time the event. It’s all very well setting out wedding favours, and ensuring a healthy supply of Champagne all night, but if the guests can’t find the reception venue, it’s just going to add stress to the proceedings.

Hiring a minibus isn’t an expensive option, and for many couples, it makes the difference between a smooth schedule and serious delays.

Minibus hire also gets around problems with maps, traffic and parking. You don’t need to issue directions to everybody, or waste time directing people over the phone. There’s no chance of nana and granddad getting lost in the one-way system, and no possibility of anyone getting a ticket.

Perhaps the best reason to invest in a wedding minibus is safety for all of your guests. In a secure, modern vehicle, they’ll be transported to their destination with the safety of three point seatbelts, and nobody has to worry about being the designated driver. That’s particularly important if anyone is likely to have had a drink in the morning.

Your minibus options

Wedding minibuses don’t sound very glamorous, but Mayday Travel isn’t your average transport provider. We pride ourselves on running a fleet of thoroughly modern minibuses, as well as luxury coaches and double decker buses if you need a little more space.

You can hire three different minibuses from us, capable of carrying 16, 21 or 26 passengers. All of them have reclining seat, and a CD and DVD player for your chosen wedding playlist. The 26-seat minibus also has a mini fridge – ideal if you want to provide refreshments.

When you hire from us, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of a polite, well-qualified driver who already has your route planned out. Our drivers are fully CRB checked, and they cover England, Scotland, Wales and even northern Europe, ensuring reliable and timely transport for your guests.

Affordable wedding transport is just an email away

Providing a minibus needn’t break the bank, but it could be a huge benefit for guests who would otherwise struggle to get around. The wedding party can also relax, safe in the knowledge that everyone’s going to get to the church (or reception) on time.

For more information about our minibus hire, just give us a call today. We’d love to provide a minibus for your wedding party, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have.