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Private coach hire London

Pick the right vehicle your private hire

If you have an event to attend, or are planning a holiday with a large group of people, then hiring a vehicle might be the most convenient, cost-effective and comfortable option for transporting everyone there and back. For times when hiring a car just isn’t enough, you can privately hire a people-carrier, minibus, coach or bus, with a reliable driver who will get you to your destination on time. If you are not sure which type of vehicle you need for your trip, here is a bit of information about each. Keep in mind that you do not want to pick an option that has many more seats than you need – doing so will end up costing you more money (in both hire and fuel) and is not a particularly environmentally friendly method of travelling.

What type of vehicle do you need to hire for your trip?


Ideal for a small party of up to eight, people-carriers are a great option for airport, station and port transfers or shuttles – though they can also be considered for all types of events for which a small group requires transport. They are a very practical option, and the layout of the seats makes the most of the space available, with two rows of three forward-facing seats in the rear of the people-carrier, and two further passenger seats next to the driver.


A 16-seat minibus is the perfect choice for sports teams, wedding parties and small-scale school trips. Although it only has eight seats more than a people-carrier, the difference in space is significant – there is more leg room, the capability to fully recline the seats, and plenty of space for luggage in the overhead storage compartments and boot of the vehicle.


When it comes to coaches, you have a few choices. You could opt for a 34-seat mini coach or a full 49-seat coach. Depending on the number of people you need to transport, either of these provides a comfortable, cost-effective and reliable method of travelling. A coach is ideal for large-scale business trips where you need to impress colleagues, partners and clients and keep up your strong company image.


An 80-seat double-decker bus is one of the largest vehicles you can choose to hire, and it is ideal for large-scale school trips in the UK or Europe, transfers for entire wedding parties, or shuttles for events like graduation ceremonies. With 33 lower-deck and 47 upper-deck seats, buses are a practical and comfortable choice for transporting large groups of people.

If you want to find out more about our fleet of comfortable, fuel-efficient people-carriers, minibuses, coaches and buses, or how to hire a vehicle, contact us at Mayday Travel today.