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Travelling With Toddlers on a Coach – Quick Tips

By 12th July 2015October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips
Travelling with kids? Take the coach

Travelling with kids? Take the coach

During the school holidays, parents are under pressure to keep the kids entertained. Coach trips provide ample stimulation, and are a great way to enjoy family time without the stress of driving. On the coach, you can sit and chat, play games together and plan the day ahead. You won’t need to worry about roadworks or the challenges of keeping children busy in the back.

Naturally, asking kids to sit still is always going to be a challenge, and the excitement of a coach trip soon wears off when they’re itching to get to the beach. With that in mind, we’ve got some handy hints on keeping children occupied.

Older Children

Tablet PCs are the saving grace of parents all over the world, and if your children are allowed to use a tablet, you’ll find it’s a great entertainment device. It’s best to load up the tablet with games, books and apps before you set off, since mobile reception can be patchy while you’re on the move.

If technology isn’t their thing, or you’re having a ‘screen-free Saturday’, there’s space on our coaches to get out the crayons and a colouring book, or play some travel games.

Rest breaks

For the inevitable toilet trips, there’s no need to wait for a rest stop. In our large luxury coaches, we provide restroom facilities that are cleaner and more comfortable than the coaches you remember from your youth. If your kids need the loo, they won’t have to sit uncomfortably, which will be a relief for any harassed parent or carer.

We also provide rest breaks on longer journeys so children have chance to let off some steam.

Safety First

Kids are safe and secure on our coaches, since every single seat is fitted with a seat belt. Consult us for advice if you need to bring a car seat or booster seat, since many of our vehicles will accommodate them. In some vehicles, it’s safer to use the lap belt on its own, so we ask that you consult us before the departure day.

Our drivers at Mayday Travel are there to give you up to date safety guidance when you need it.

Note that all children aged 14 and over must wear a seat belt by law. The law varies for children of other ages travelling in coaches. We advise against placing young children in front seats if it can be avoided.

Go For It

If you haven’t travelled with kids on the coach lately, it’s a great way to keep them occupied and get some fresh air over the summer. A family ticket won’t break the bank, and it could give them a beach experience that they wouldn’t otherwise get this year. If the family prefers shopping, no problem; we plan trips to all the major outlets in the south. Get in touch and find out what excursions we have planned for this summer and the rest of the school holidays.