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Travelling With a Baby on a Coach – Quick Tips

By 18th July 2015October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips, Short Breaks
Travelling with a baby by coach - quick tips

Travelling with a baby by coach – quick tips

Most parents yearn for the olden days when travel was simple. A backpack, a bottle of water and your ticket, plus maybe an mp3 player to soundtrack the journey. Then the bundles of joy come along, and travel becomes a logistical challenge, with dozens of bags to carry, and hundreds of things to forget.

Travelling with kids is always going to be challenging, but there are ways we can help you enjoy the ride when you travel with a baby. The coach is a perfect vehicle for family outings, so here’s how best to prepare.


If you’ve travelled on a plane with an infant, you’ll know how hot and sweaty it can be. Getting a wriggly pre-schooler to sit still for take-off is sometimes difficult, and you could have the same problem on the coach. Fortunately, all of our coaches have air conditioning, so we keep things cool and comfortable, even in the summer.

Bring a range of new toys for your child to play with (or a few toys that you’ve hidden away for a while, so they ‘feel’ new to them). Produce a new toy every half an hour to keep them busy and entertained. We advise against noisy electronic toys, or toys with loose parts that could roll away under the seats. Shape sorters and mechanical toys are perfect for keeping little hands and brains busy.

Of course, timing a coach trip with nap time is ideal, if you think your little one will sleep. Bring a zipped pillow that can be converted into a blanket, and consider booking them their own seat for comfort, if they’re old enough to sit alone.

Tiny Tots

Very young babies can be accommodated in many vehicles, by strapping in their regular car seats – please consult us before making a booking about the seating capabilities on our coaches. Most mums and dads will have their own car seat that their baby is used to already. If you don’t, you may be able to hire one for the trip. Make sure that it is a rearward facing model, and call us to check compatibility.

If you need to feed your baby while the coach is in motion, don’t wrap your seatbelt around them. Keep it round you, and hold them as you normally would. Once they have been fed, strap them back into the seat. If they are eating solid food, bring plenty of wipes, and invest in a box of disposable bibs so you can avoid carrying soiled bibs with you.

There are no dedicated bottle or food warming facilities in our vehicles, but by using flasks, you should be able to transport warm food for a few hours. When we stop for a rest break, you will be free to use the facilities at the service station or rest stop café.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks and water for yourself!

More Advice

Mayday Travel is used to offering coach trips for kids of all ages, and we love having a baby on board! If you’ve got any concerns about travelling with your tiny ones this summer, don’t hesitate to give us a ring.