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Travelling to a Wedding? Why Not Book a Coach For Everyone

By 18th September 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Wedding Coach Hire
Get your guests to your wedding in style in one of our coaches

Get your guests to your wedding in style in one of our coaches

A wedding is a big event, of course, no matter what your role. Whether you are the bride, the groom, a parent, the best man, a member of the wedding party, or just a guest, it’s a once in a lifetime occasion. All the little details help the day run smoothly. And that means perfect planning.

If you do happen to have some responsibility for helping to organise a wedding, then you’ll understand just how much organising actually is involved. Never mind the service itself: there’s the reception, the catering, the clothes, the evening party, the invitations… it’s a list that seems to lengthen the closer the actual day of the wedding approaches.

The toughest task of all is organising people. If it’s your job to get guests to venues, you have the biggest challenge – apart from actually saying “I do”.

Perfect plans

TV Weddings always seem to go smoothly. Naturally, the bride will be late, and the groom may have a bit of a do with the best man. But generally, things go off without a hitch – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Weddings in real life are a different proposition, as dozens of people all have to successfully get from their various starting points to the church, and arrive in plenty of time. Then, they’ll need to be herded away from the pub to the reception venue.

How can you guarantee that some important guest is not going to get lost, especially if they are coming from the other end of the country? The best way to organise the crowd is to make sure they all travel together.

Weddings are becoming more adventurous

These days, everyone travels more, and weddings don’t always take place in a bride or groom’s home town. Venues can be chosen because of convenience, family connections or simply because the couple fell in love with the venue.

If the ceremony is to take place hundreds of miles from the homes of many of the invited guests, or if you just want to make sure that everyone turns up at the church in plenty of time, a coach will take the headache out of an ambitious day.

Luxury wedding coach travel

Luxury wedding coach travel

Modern coaches are spacious and air-conditioned

A modern coach has plenty of legroom for all the guests, and will be air-conditioned in the summer or heated for a winter wedding. Clean, spacious rest room facilities will guarantee that all your guests arrive happy and refreshed for the ceremony, or at the hotel if you have organised an overnight stop. There are also seatbelts fitted in all Mayday Travel coaches for guests’ comfort and safety.

In addition, by hiring a coach, you will have allowed your guests some time to get to know each other. Getting them all together in one place will certainly act as an excellent ice-breaker ahead of the festivities.

Booking a coach – one less worry

There’s a lot to get right at a wedding, and certainly there’s a lot that can go wrong. Give yourself (and your guests) one less thing to worry about by hiring a coach to make sure they all get to the church on time. Speak to Mayday Travel today and arrange your coaches for your wedding guests.