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There’s a misconception about coach travel that it’s one of the most uncomfortable ways to travel. This can stop some from enjoying the luxury private vehicles on offer which are a far cry from the stuffy, cramped coaches you may have been used to years ago. In fact, when planning a trip away or group travel, it’s one of the most cost-effective options available and easiest ways to get around, being picked up and dropped off at set locations. Want to know why so many are turning to private coach travel? Here are some of the most comfortable features of newer coaches and minibuses.

Discover why luxury coaches & minibuses are the most comfortable way to travel. Enjoy air conditioned vehicles, spacious seating, plenty of storage, entertainment options & onboard facilities. Book your coach trip now.Space

Lack of space is always a major factor in a traveller’s comfort levels, whether it’s the amount of leg room you have or where you can put your bags. If choosing luxury coaches, not only can you enjoy spacious seating, but also put cases, coats and other items safely away in either over-head or under carriage storage.


The trick to travelling at any time of year is to enjoy the journey – something which can be quite difficult if having to navigate busy roads yourself or squeeze onto public transport where seats aren’t guaranteed. Modern private coaches have several features which provide a more relaxing journey, including plush reclining seats, footrests and pull down tables to place any items such as drinks and phones.

Air Conditioning

One of the biggest factors in discomfort when travelling is temperature. We all know how it feels to be stuck in a stuffy vehicle with hours left of your journey. One of the best features of many coaches is air conditioning and climate control features. While traditional air con is controlled by drivers, climate control is even more advanced, automatically adjusting the speed and amount of cold air entering the vehicle.


Long journeys can be boring, but coaches now have several features and in-built systems to provide more entertainment options, helping you to relax or even get into the spirit if travelling to a party, for example. This can include CD players, DVD players, Bluetooth connections, ceiling fitted TVs and compatibility with smartphones, iPods and MP3 players.


While the thought of being trapped on any sort of vehicle when you need to spend a penny is a nightmare, good coach hire companies will provide you with options when choosing facilities for your vehicle, including clean and modern onboard toilets. Another popular feature requested on private coaches is a microphone and PA system which is particularly useful for relaying information to groups or entertaining clients if hosting a corporate trip.

Private coach hire is the ideal solution for those who want to travel in both style and comfort. Here at Mayday Travel, we have a wide range of luxury vehicles to choose from, for all group sizes. We cover a vast area across London, Surrey and the South East, including Brick Lane, Brixton and Catford. Tell us about your travel requirements now.