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Taking the Company on a Team-Building Weekend? Take a Coach!

Organising a team-building weekend?  Speak to us about your travel arrangements

Organising a team-building weekend? Speak to us about your travel arrangements

Companies often embrace team-building weekends whenever a new project starts, or has been successfully completed. Team building can be used when a business wants to boost the morale of its employees.

A team-building event can encourage beneficial working relationships, as they often feature competitive or collaborative aspects (or both) that help get people used to working with each other away from the office, and usually out of their comfort zones.

So, what are the secrets of organising a successful team-building weekend?

Getting there in style

It can be a logistical nightmare to get an entire group of people to somewhere new. It’s far better to have everyone meet up at the place they’re most used to travelling to, i.e. work, then ferrying them to the location of the team-building event together.

This will be the start of the entire weekend, so it is a sensible idea to start things off on the right foot by booking luxury coach travel, rather than borrowing a six-seater van and hoping nine employees and yourself can squeeze in successfully (which is also going to cause problems when you’re stopped by the police!)

It’s important that your staff arrive for the event refreshed and excited, rather than exhausted by several hours cramped in a tiny vehicle. Modern luxury coaches have full air-conditioning, reclining seats, CD and DVD players, LCD screens and other little niceties such as fridges and toilet facilities.

Think about what you are doing

Remember that the purpose of your team-building event is to build a team or improve team morale, and a successful team is one where everyone can play an important part.

It is no good organising an event that’s going to exclude any member of the team. For example, if your team contains people who have physical difficulties or who are approaching retirement age, it’s no good booking an event that contains miles of walking, or rock-climbing, or abseiling.

You need to make sure that whatever the event you choose, every member of your team should be able to make a valued contribution, and no one should feel that they are being left out.

Leave it to the pros

When you organise a work event, you’ve got a lot to organise. Work events are different to social gatherings: some people will be more enthused than others, and office politics may be transferred to a more relaxed environment.

As organiser, you’re best off managing the team and helping everyone gain maximum benefit from the day, rather than worrying about directions or operating the sat nav. You certainly don’t need to add van hire and driving to your list of responsibilities. Let the pros handle the transport, and allow yourself more time and resources to organise the day.

More information

Mayday Travel Ltd is experienced in providing transport for all kinds of events and occasions. From concerts to sports fixtures, weddings to shopping trips, Mayday Travel Ltd’s experienced drivers place customer care at the heart of the journey. Speak to us about transport for your team building weekend.