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Take the coach to summer attractions

By 5th August 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips
Take the coach to the theme park

Take the coach to the theme park

If you’re heading out this summer to a theme park or country festival, you may be put off by the thought of the long car journey you’re going to have to endure just to get there. The Bank Holiday weekend probably brought it all back to you: crying kids in the back seat, road works, traffic jams and bizarre sat nav directions. Parking, queues and service station food all make staying at home sound rather attractive.

So what’s the alternative? We can’t all hire chauffer driven cars, but a coach trip is the next best thing. Lots of coach companies will now arrange special coach trips to all the major attractions in the UK, and some even venture across the channel to Belgium and France.

So what are the main benefits of taking the coach?

Let someone else do the driving

Driving is enjoyable when you’re on a road trip, but it can also be a stressful experience when you just want to get from A to B quickly so you can maximise that Bank Holiday period. If you have children, you know how easily they can get bored once their phones and hand-held consoles run out of charge, and bored children soon start to entertain themselves in more annoying ways.

If you book a coach trip, you are a passenger too. You can get your head down, or read your latest spy thriller. If the children start to get rowdy, you can interact, chat and play games. And if they’re busy playing on their PSPs, you can catch a few Zs on the way.

True, some other poor soul has to do the driving, but at least they’re getting paid to do it – and they probably know the way.

All modern conveniences

Modern-day coaches are not the same as commuter buses. They’re designed for comfort, with ample legroom, fridges, CD and DVD players, LCD down-screens and air conditioning. Many also have restrooms, and there’s space to store luggage so you can stretch out and relax.

Travelling by coach certainly beats spending a few hours in a cramped-up car, plus the coach will typically make frequent stops so you can get out and get some fresh air.

No need to worry

When you are ferrying your family and friends to your destination by car, you take on a dangerous amount of responsibility: you’re in charge of getting there on time, in one piece, and before everyone starts to argue. Even if nothing untoward happens, the first day’s normally wasted for you.

Coach drivers are experienced roadsmiths, and take the stress and worry from your mind. They will plan their routes to make sure any major roadworks or traffic blackspots will be avoided.

Book it and go

Summer is all about having fun, and you can add to the chances of you having fun by leaving the driving to someone else. Visit the Mayday Travel Ltd Facebook page to find out which coach trips we’re running this summer, and book your ticket now.

Image Credit: Edd72 on Flickr