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Ah, the great British summer. Known for our beautiful gardens, strawberries and cream, travelling to festivals and of course, packing for all weathers, rain or shine. While relaxing in the sunshine is one of the best parts about the season, if you’re rushing around in the heat, it can be a pretty uncomfortable experience, especially if catching public transport in London. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a suit on a packed tube in a heatwave. If you can feel the sweat beads forming just at the thought, take a look at some of our top tips for surviving the London underground this summer.

City travel experts - Your Summer survival guide to the London undergroundLondon Travel & the Heat

Taking a journey on London’s underground can be tough when it’s hot, leaving many commuters to dread their route to and from work, let alone tourists travelling around the city. Some lines are worse than others, with the Bakerloo Line and Central Line famed for breaking temperature records, hitting highs of over 30 degrees in heatwaves. The worst affected are often the deepest, oldest lines or those which haven’t had the investment from TFL that the air-conditioned routes have. This can leave those travelling on the underground feeling overwhelmed by the heat, faint and even unprofessional if you’re having to turn up at the office or meetings looking less than your best. It doesn’t help that in rush hour the tube lines often become overcrowded, which can make you feel hot and bothered whatever the time of year.

Stay Cool & Safe

Keeping cool in London is no mean feat, but there are plenty of ways you can plan your travel across London to ensure you don’t succumb to the heat. Make sure you carry plenty of water, travel in quieter times if possible (or give yourself extra time so that you don’t have to rush), and you could even consider investing in a portable fan. Dress in layers so that you can remove your jacket or cardigan when on the move and check out some of the best lunchtime spots to cool down, including lots of places around London where you can dip your feet in a fountain. Heat exhaustion is a real issue for many in the summer, so be aware of how to stay safe, keeping an eye on those around you too. If you’re feeling unwell, ensure you leave the train at the next station and ask for help if required.

Train Alternatives

While there are some air-conditioned tube lines, finding alternative travel in the summer is often the best solution for many commuters or those planning a group day trip in the capital. Luxury, temperature controlled coaches and minibuses are becoming more popular thanks to their reliability, space and comfort, and you can split the cost between your group to save money. Professionals like those at Mayday Travel will help you plan your route, from pickup and drop-off times to the quickest journey to your destination.

Stay cool this summer by organising London private coach travel. We offer services across the South East and London, including coach hire in Holborn, Maida Vale and Elephant & Castle. Contact us now.