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Start a romantic weekend away in style – take the coach

By 14th October 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips, Short Breaks
Enjoy your romantic weekend by taking a Mayday Travel coach!

Enjoy your romantic weekend by taking a Mayday Travel coach!

Sometimes life just grinds you down. Even if your days are filled with fun and rewarding activities at work, the continual cycle of Monday through to Sunday and then round and round again can leave even the most life-loving person a little jaded.

You, as yourself, can get lost within all that is going on, and when you are part of a couple, that lost triples – you lose yourself, your partner loses themselves, and you both lose what it means to be a couple.

Becoming a couple is of course what brought you together in the first place, so why not celebrate in style with a weekend away? If you have children, shuffle them off to their favourite set of grandparents and re-discover those blissful times when there was nothing more important in the world than what you meant to each other.

What better way to spend more time together than to take the coach?

Take the stress out of the logistics

Driving can be enjoyable, but it’s never stress-free. Your holiday will get off to a bad start if you hit rush hour traffic, or you’re slowed to a crawl because of road works or an accident, or your sat-nav runs out of charge and you get lost, or the weather takes a turn for the worse, or you get a flat tyre, or your car develops an annoying, mystery fault…

There’s a whole heap that can go wrong, and the last thing you want is to start your break with an argument. If you let someone else sort the transport, then that’s one potential weight that’s not going to land on your shoulders while you are away.

Your local coach company can help you decide

Having a weekend away is primarily about spending time together, but it also helps if the places you are visiting and staying at are places that you’re going to remember. If you can’t decide where to go or stay, then just look at the deals offered by Mayday Travel, your local coach company. We have a weekend location that will suit both of you down to the ground, including many romantic destinations in the UK and abroad.

No arguing over who’s the designated driver

When you’re driving, it always makes perfect sense to make sure you have zero alcohol in your system. This can lead to ‘warm’ discussions about who’s going to drive, so the other doesn’t have to worry about it. We’re not talking irresponsible drinking here of course, but even if you’ve had a single glass of wine we recommend not getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Leave the car behind and you’ll be able to enjoy a gorgeous bottle of wine together without worrying how you’re going to get back to your hotel or home.

Book yours now

A romantic weekend away should be as relaxed and as stress-free as possible. You can give yourself the best chance of enjoying your blissful time together by letting someone else taking care of the matter of getting from Point A to Point B and back again for you. Mayday Travel are the perfect coach company to get your romantic break off to a promising start.