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Safety First with MayDay Travel Coaches

Right. You’ve made the decision, and you and your friends are finally going to go on that trip that you’ve been promising yourselves for ages.

Taking a coach makes such good sense. It means that none of you have to drive, worry about the parking and who pays what to whom for petrol, and even better, everyone gets to socialise. For some, it might even bring back fond memories of their schooldays. Will there be a rush for the seats at the back? But first, you need to book the coach. Who to choose? Which company will give you the best deal? And most importantly, who will make sure that you get there and back safely and securely?

What should you be looking for?

Why should Mayday Travel be your first choice?


All our vehicles are fitted with seatbelts

All our vehicles are fitted with seat belts


We often get asked about seat belts. Do all our coaches and minibuses have them? Yes they do, and the law, in force since 2001, states that all coaches should have them.

If you’ve got on a coach or minibus recently that doesn’t have seat belts fitted, then they were illegal and the company liable to a considerable fine, as well as putting their passengers in danger. Legally, unless you’re sitting in a seat that’s in-line with, or even in front of the driver, you don’t need to wear the seat belt on a coach, but RoSPA and Mayday Travel would recommend that you do when travelling, and only remove it if it’s vital for you to do so.

Too good to be true?

If something is ‘too good to be true’, then it usually is just that. While there are undoubtedly good deals to be had, like many industries, there are ‘cowboys’ who prey on the unwary. Mayday Travel have been working with the BBC recently on a TV documentary helping to expose rogue coach travel brokers who sell trips to customers at knock-down prices and then try to get coach companies to meet that price.

If they fail, then the customer will find themselves without a coach, usually at the last minute, having been given some made-up tale about a broken down vehicle or sudden driver illness.

A short while ago, Mayday Travel came to the rescue of a school party that had been abandoned outside the Fairfield Halls in Croydon when the coach for their return trip failed to appear. Reputable coach companies are members of the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, or CPT, who have been looking after coach companies and their passengers since 1974.

Like ABTA in the travel industry, membership of CPT means that you can be reassured that if a problem does occur, it will be dealt with swiftly and with as little inconvenience as possible. You’ll never be left with nowhere to turn. Mayday Travel have been members of CPT since 2001, and it’s our reputation for reliability that has helped us become the preferred supplier of coach travel for local councils ranging from London to the South Coast.

High standards

VOSA, or the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, are the people who ensure and enforce strict rules on coach operators to make certain that the vehicle you’re travelling in is roadworthy, dependable and completely safe. Regular inspections take place and even the slightest problem can result in the coach being taken off the road for immediate repair and replaced. And it’s not just our vehicles that need to meet high standards. Highly knowledgeable and experienced, all of Mayday Travel’s drivers hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. And because we travel with so many schools and youth groups, all our drivers and escorts are Enhanced CRB checked too.

Peace of Mind

So, whether you’re taking a group of managers to a high-level conference or on a team-building exercise, a bunch of lads or ladies on a stag or hen do, or a junior football team for an all-important cup match, Mayday Travel can get you there and back, safely, reliably and on time. With complete peace of mind.