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Run an Events Company and Need Reliable Coach Travel?

By 30th June 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Events Travel
Planning an event in London? Organise your coach travel now with Mayday Travel

Planning an event in London? Organise your coach travel now

If you run your own events company, you’ll be well aware of the pressures that you’re up against from day to day. Getting people to an event on time can be a challenge, and you constantly have to battle the pressures of traffic with getting there early. Your clients will expect you to organise quality, comfortable transport that gets their event off to a great start.

Your Challenge

Let’s look at a typical event in detail. The event is at point B, and it occurs at a specific time and a specific place. The attendees to the event commence operations at various point A (usually their home addresses). Again, you have a challenge: getting all your attendees from various point A to the singular point B. Most events happen once, and for many attendees, this might be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The best cure for logistical headaches is to obtain the services of a company who can be counted upon to provide a convenient, reliable and quality coach travel service … and that’s precisely where Mayday Travel Ltd come in.

London-based event coach hire services from Mayday Travel

London-based event coach hire services

Quality Coach Travel You Can Depend Upon

If you’re seeking to establish a partnership with a coach travel service, Mayday Travel Ltd is one of the most reliable you’ll find. Our drivers are experienced in one-off excursions to Europe and frequent trips to sports matches.

Their local knowledge and extensive experience means they’re the best drivers for the job.

Our base in Greater London makes us the ideal company to engage with for events throughout the UK. We offered transport during the Olympics in London, so we’re used to getting people to events on time in particularly challenging circumstances.

With Mayday Travel, you get the reliable service you need to build a profitable business, without the risk of less dependable providers.

Versatility: Our Middle Name

Experience is key when it comes to providing transport. It doesn’t matter to us how big (or how small) your event will be. We can cater for a multitude of party sizes, from as low as six to as high as eighty people per vehicle, so no event is out of bounds.

From people carriers right up to double decker buses, all of our vehicles are well maintained so that we can offer reliable service. All our drivers possess Certificates of Professional Competence (CPCs) and NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) in passenger transportation.

Friendly and Professional

We are very proud of our professional service, and all of our staff strive to provide a superb service with a human touch. If you have questions before, during or after the trip, speak to your driver or contact person.

Engage Mayday Travel

If your events company needs a reliable transportation partner, look no further. Mayday Travel Ltd has the expertise and experience to offer you the transport solutions you need at a price that won’t harm your bottom line.

Pick up the phone and speak to us about your next event on 0208 680 5111. We’d be happy to give you a quote.