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How coach travel can help your employees avoid rail chaos

By 7th September 2016October 14th, 2016Corporate Coach Hire, Replacement Rail Service
We offer a high-quality rail replacement service by coach

We offer a high-quality rail replacement service by coach

For commuters in London, getting in and out of work is never as easy as just jumping on public transport and arriving on time. The same goes for travelling to corporate meetings, conferences and networking events. Professionals working in the city increasingly have to navigate overcrowded buses, suspended tube services, and constant delays and cancellations on trains. Some employees have recently had to deal with a series of week-long strikes, during which getting to work on public transport has either been impossible, expensive or highly inconvenient. This is a problem for workers, as business cannot wait.

Issues with public transport can often result in workers missing important meetings, getting delayed en route to company events, or simply turning up late for work – which, when it happens on a regular basis, can begin to cause problems with productivity. Being constantly delayed on trains, tubes or buses can have a serious impact on an employee’s morale, leaving them tired, stressed and frustrated. Companies are increasingly realising the benefits of investing in corporate coach hire services to transport employees to and from important business events, rather than leaving them to find their own way around the city.

A reliable, comfortable and efficient travel option

The biggest upside of coach travel, when compared with public transport, is that it is reliable. Your coach will always turn up at the exact time that has been arranged, and will find the quickest way to get your employees to their destination. Though heavy traffic and problems on the road cannot be predicted in the UK, coach drivers are highly knowledgeable of the intricate road network in Greater London, and can simply find another route if an issue occurs. Coach operators will factor in the typical volumes of traffic when arranging a suitable pick-up time with you, so that your employees arrive in plenty of time.

First impressions are essential in the business world. If your employee turns up to a corporate event looking flushed, exhausted and stressed from the journey, then this might not cast them in a professional light among their peers. When your team travels together in a comfortable, spacious, luxurious and air-conditioned coach, they are sure to turn up looking as smart, alert and professional as when they left the office. On top of this, they will be able to bring with them any equipment or luggage that they need, without having to worry about carting it around on the underground.

If your employees arrive at corporate events fresh and ready to do business, then this is going to reflect well on your company. As an affordable, efficient and reliable way to transport large teams of professionals to events across the city, corporate coach hire is a great option for companies that want to avoid the ongoing issues with public transport.

Here at Mayday Travel, our corporate coach hire service is used by companies across the UK. Contact us today to find out more.