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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Travel By Coach

By 8th October 2015October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Events Travel
Reduce your carbon footprint by travelling on a Mayday Travel coach

Reduce your carbon footprint by travelling on a Mayday Travel coach

Everyone on the planet has a carbon footprint. It’s a rough measure of the impact we place on the environment due to our day to day activities. As we’ve develop new technologies, and continued to use fossil fuels, our carbon footprint has increased.

Individually, we all have a responsibility to keep our carbon footprint in check, and do whatever we can to prevent ecological damage. Travel is one of the key factors in climate change, and responsible travel is a must in the modern world.

In the UK, each person should keep their carbon footprint below 9.5t per year. In an ideal world – and to balance our carbon footprint globally – we should be aiming for a much lower figure of just 1.2t.

How Travel Compares

Different modes of transport have different ecological consequences, depending on the type of fuel and the amount that is used. The size of the vehicle, and the number of seats, determines how efficient the mode of transport is.

  • Aircraft travel is known to be very polluting, as it produces a lot of carbon dioxide in a very short space of time. Flying frequently is therefore a huge contributor to global warming; just one return flight to New York is higher than the ‘ideal’ 1.2t carbon output figure
  • Driving a car is also polluting, although far less so than air travel. But while air travel pumps out CO2 quickly, travelling by car is more impactful over the longer term. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle helps, but fully electric cars are only suitable for people who travel over short distances, or take frequent breaks to charge up. In 2005, a US survey found that vehicle carbon production was eight times higher than that of air travel in the same period
  • Rail, coach and bus travel is the most environmentally friendly option, if we discount cycling and walking. People who travel together rack up fewer passenger miles per head, and these vehicles

Manufacturing these vehicles also contributes to our carbon footprint.

How the Coach Helps

Coach travel is estimated to contribute 4.3kg of CO2 per passenger to the atmosphere, assuming the coach is more than half full with passengers. If you travelled the same journey by car, your carbon output would be 36.6kg per passenger; almost nine times more.

Clearly, the coach is a more environmentally friendly option.

The effect is amplified if you compare coach travel to flying. For a short hop to Europe, coach passengers are responsible for around 100kg of CO2 per passenger, while coach passengers contribute around 10kg.

To solve our climate crisis, we must use coaches more than we do now.

Talk to Us

May Day Travel has a fleet of modern, efficient luxury coaches available for private hire or scheduled services. If you’re trying to reduce your impact on the environment, talk to us about coach trips today. Our eco-friendly outlook is one of many reasons why coach travel is making a comeback.