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Hire a Private Minibus or Coach for Your Walking Group

By 10th August 2019August 27th, 2019Club Coach Hire, Day Trips, Private Coach Hire

Walking groups can be a lot of fun, giving you the chance to keep fit, meet new people, look after your mental health and see some beautiful areas you wouldn’t have otherwise explored. However, as your group expands, it starts to take a bit more planning to get the best out of the opportunities on offer. Many walking groups use private coach hire services to their advantage, helping to make things as easy as possible. Here’s how.

Do you plan regular walking group trips? Find out why coach travel can make things easier for you. Hire minibuses & coaches for simple group travel & explore more of the South East in all seasons. Get a free quotation now.Why Choose Coach Travel?

Coaches and minibuses are not something you immediately associate with walking, but they’re actually are a great way to organise meetups. Walking group events usually take a lot of thought and planning, so getting dates and locations mapped out is a must. However, part of ensuring everything is simple for those attending is thinking about travel arrangements to each destination. Depending on the size of your group, it could be a logistical nightmare for everyone to work out how to get there, where you’ll all meet and what happens if someone doesn’t turn up on time.

Private coach or minibus hire is a great solution because it means you can all travel together. Your driver will pick you up from a pre-arranged pickup point, drop you at your destination and collect you later in the day. You could even have a different meeting place for the start and end of the walk if you’re trekking some distance and don’t want to loop back.

Expand Your Horizons

Walking clubs who don’t use coaches can tend to stick to the same area, so they end up walking the same routes time after time. If they do branch out, everyone drives to the planned locations, but this can lead to parking nightmares, increased petrol costs and a need for everyone to plan well. Those who use coach hire for planned walking trips and days out find the world of possibilities suddenly becomes a lot bigger. You could start exploring a little further afield or go to those areas where there isn’t a lot of parking. You could even plan some interesting walks you haven’t thought about attempting before, including seasonal coach travel ideas to keep your walks going throughout the year.

Walking Trails Across London & Surrey

Once you have your coach hire plans in place, don’t miss out on some of the top spots around the region, including designated walking trails. This includes the North Downs Way which spans 153 miles from Farnham to Canterbury and Dover. The trail also passes through the Surrey Hills and Kent Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You could even combine your walks with a pub lunch halfway or close to the end, which is often the perfect plan in autumn and winter months, encouraging people to stick with your walking group whatever the season.

Find a Coach Hire Company for Your Walking Group

At Mayday Travel, our experienced team helps clubs and groups organise their group travel, providing comfortable, luxury coaches and minibuses for hire. Our friendly drivers will be well-briefed on the details of your day out, meaning you can sit back and relax while you’re taking to and from each destination. We cover South East areas such as Hampstead, Highbury and Notting Hill. Get a quote now.