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Many of us associate coach travel with lovely warm summer months when we can get to the beach or explore a European city in the sun. But winter travel can be exciting too! Whether you like walking in the countryside, visiting Christmas markets overseas or simply wrapping up warm and exploring a part of the UK you’ve never been to before, travelling by coach in the winter is a delightful option if you want a day (or perhaps longer) away. Here’s why coach travel is ideal for affordable, comfortable and reliable transport for your winter trip.

Winter travel guides: preparation essentials & coach trips | Mayday TravelStay warm while you travel

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a freezing platform for hours on end because the train has been cancelled or there are problems on the line. Also, having to hop from bus to bus is not ideal in the winter months when it’s raining, windy or cold. It can be quite uncomfortable when you finally get on public transport, as you may have wrapped up extra warm and so feel sticky once you’re on board. With coach travel, you don’t have any of this: you simply board the coach at the agreed time (with your luggage safely stored under the carriage or above your seat), go to your allocated seat, take off your coat if you like, and sit down calmly. No being pushed or shoved – just a comfortable, relaxed start to your journey.

Visit a place you wouldn’t normally get to

There are a wide range of winter coach day trips that you can choose from if you’d like to try something a bit different during the colder months. From city trips to Bath or Winchester at Christmas to shopping days out in France, there are plenty of ways to try something new.

Need a shuttle for a flight?

If you’re planning a trip overseas and need to get to and from the airport affordably and with as little hassle as possible, then booking a coach shuttle is ideal. Once everything is arranged with the coach operator, all you have to do is turn up at the agreed pickup point at the agreed time. You’ll enjoy a comfortable, air-conditioned journey to the airport – no lugging heavy bags from stop to stop on the bus, or having to fight for a seat on the train!

If you want to do some travelling this winter, contact us at Mayday Travel today to find out why coach travel is a great option. We’re based in London but we operate across the UK, so, wherever you want to go this winter, we’ll ensure you get there comfortably and on time.