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We’ve all been to weddings where there are different locations to get to during the day, whether that be for the ceremony, evening reception or accommodation at the end of the night. However, sometimes this can reduce enjoyment for guests as they spend time trying to find the next venue, get there on time and fight their way through traffic, all while attempting to protect their pristine outfit and enjoy the day as much as they can.

That’s why many couples are organising practical alternatives for their wedding guests, offering large group transfers for convenient and comfortable travel between venues.

Wedding transfer ideas - the most practical travel options for your guestsTransfer Options

Some people are happy to drive between the various locations on the wedding day, but others don’t have that option, leaving them hoping that someone will give them a lift or end up paying for expensive taxi journeys. Offering to transfer guests will leave them feeling well looked after, showing your appreciation for the time and effort your friends and family have made to support you. Some couples like to put on transfers for all their guests, whereas others may ask who needs it and plan accordingly. You may also be planning a small, intimate wedding with just a few of your nearest and dearest, so would like everyone to stay together throughout the day. Whatever the size of the group, practical options include large, luxury coaches for groups of up to 80 in each vehicle, as well as minibuses for smaller parties.

Comfortable Travel

Wedding transfers using private, luxury coaches are one of the most comfortable transfer options. A far cry from outdated, stuffy coaches of the past, modern coach hire includes the provision of spacious, comfortable seating to help guests unwind while being taken to their next destination in style. Some companies even offer to play your choice of music to create a party atmosphere. Many weddings take place in the heat of the Summer, so a fully air-conditioned coach is something guests will be thanking you for, giving them time to cool down before celebrations resume.

Organise Your Day to Run like Clockwork

When organising a wedding, it can be stressful when things don’t go to plan, especially when there’s a tight schedule in place. Transferring your guests using a reputable private coach hire company ensures they will provide drivers who know the best routes to each location, quickly finding alternative routes should they encounter any problems. Equally, if you’re a small group attending a wedding, organising a transfer for yourself between venues can cut petrol costs, split the price (rather than hiring several taxis), remove the hassle of finding a parking spot and ensure you arrive together as a group. Moreover, there’s no need for a ‘designated driver’, so you can enjoy a tipple (or two), as well as take advantage of any refreshments available in your minibus.

Want to organise reliable wedding transfers? Get in touch with Mayday Travel who have built a reputation in London and the UK for quality private coach hire services. We’ll help your day run smoothly from start to finish.