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Why coach travel is great once you’ve retired

Take the coach for a more social journey

Take the coach for a more social journey

The golden years of retirement are great for exploring parts of the country you’ve never visited before. After years of work or bringing up children, you deserve some time to kick back, relax and have fun. That means no more having to drive yourself around on holiday, or pay over the odds to travel on the train, plane or ferry. Coach travel is the perfect way to visit the UK and Europe in comfort once you’ve retired, without eating into your savings.

Whether you’re planning a trip with your partner or you’re looking forward to some time away on your own, booking a coach means you don’t have to worry about complicated travel arrangements. Here are just some of the reasons why coach travel is a great option for retirement travel plans.

Coach travel is sociable

Having a coach driver to take you from A to B means that you can fully relax during your journey, and socialise with the other passengers if you want to. If you’re on an organised day trip, the coach journey is an excellent opportunity to make friends before you arrive at the destination. There’s always a friendly atmosphere, so you can either enjoy a bit of a chit-chat or just drift off knowing that you’re in good hands.

An affordable way to travel

When you’re living off your pension or savings, keeping travel costs down is important. That’s why coach travel is ideal – it is substantially cheaper than travelling via plane, car or train. This is because the fuel price and driver’s fee are spread out among the passengers, meaning you only have to pay a share of the costs.

The perfect solution for day trips, weekend breaks and holidays

From seaside towns and gardens to historic cities and heritage sites, there are plenty of places to enjoy in your retirement. Whether you want to do a day trip, or are planning to stay a little longer, a coach is a convenient and affordable travel option. The flexibility of coach travel means that, as well as getting to and from your destination, you can sometimes arrange for your coach driver to take you around during your trip.

Here at Mayday Travel, our friendly drivers and comfortable coaches are popular with our retired customers. Contact us today if you’d like to try one of our organised day trips or want to hire one of our affordable coaches for your holiday.