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Winter coach travel essentials: Packing for Winter weather | Mayday TravelIf you’re about to embark on your first long coach journey, or you haven’t travelled by coach in a while, we’re here to help you pack your hand luggage for a comfortable journey. Here are just some of the items you should have to hand when travelling by coach this winter.

Plenty of water

Even though it’s winter, you still have to stay hydrated. Long coach journeys can be tiring, and air conditioning and heating can sometimes make your throat feel a bit dry, so the last thing you want is to need some water and not have any to hand. An occasional drink of cold water will keep you feeling fresh on your journey. Of course, if you forget to bring a bottle of water, don’t worry: you should be able to pick one up when the coach stops for a break.

A jumper or blanket

When you have to sit down for long periods of time, you can sometimes get chilly, even if the coach itself is a comfortable temperature. It is always a good idea to put a cosy jumper or blanket in your hand luggage, just in case you start to feel cold. You might find that a zip-up cardigan or hoodie is more suitable than a pullover, as you can easily adjust it depending on how warm or cold you are, rather than having to keeping taking it off and putting it back on again. It is also worth noting that most coaches have air conditioning vents above each of the seats, so if you get cold you can always turn yours off or adjust the angle of it slightly.

On this note, layers are a great idea when travelling by coach, as you are able to add more if you get cold and take some off if you get too hot. There’s nothing worse than taking a long journey and wishing you’d worn something lighter or warmer, so planning your outfit for all temperatures should definitely be a part of your winter coach journey preparations!

Something to do

Whether you prefer listening to music, reading or having a snooze while travelling, make sure you bring everything you need to enjoy some quiet time on the coach. You might like to download podcasts or TV shows ahead of time, so that they’re ready to watch when you get onto the coach (with headphones, of course!). If you think you’ll sleep on the journey, make sure you bring something to put over you to stop you getting cold, and perhaps pack an eye mask, some ear plugs and a small travel pillow for an even more comfortable slumber.

Here at Mayday Travel, we keep our coaches at a comfortable temperature all year round, and will do everything we can to make your winter coach trip as enjoyable as possible. If you want to find out more about our winter day trips or private coach hire, contact us today.