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Our Coach Trips Transport You In Luxury… Here’s How

By 15th May 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel Safety, Vehicles

coach1Think of a coach trip and you might think of a rather unappealing image. TV sitcoms have portrayed coaches as stuffy and uncomfortable, and some British coach companies use very old vehicles, making journeys hot, smelly and prone to delays.

That’s not the case with Mayday Travel. In fact, those stereotypes about coach travel couldn’t be further from the truth. All of our vehicles are safe, but we also pay attention to the little details that make them really comfortable. And when it comes to safety, we’re second to none.

If you want to be assured a little luxury, our coaches are just the ticket. Here’s how.

We Care About Comfort

All of our large vehicles, except the double deckers, have reclining seats. In some smaller vehicles, such as the 6-seat people carrier, passengers enjoy fully adjustable seats.

Every vehicle has space for luggage. This ensures passengers are not cramped by bags and cases (either their own or someone else’s).

Bringing water and snacks? Most of our vehicles have a fridge on board to keep your refreshments cool.

We Provide Your Entertainment

All of our big coaches have CD and DVD players – all you have to do is bring movies or music to enjoy during the journey.

Choose a Coach With Restrooms

Long journeys can be taxing for older people and youngsters, yet frequent toilet stops may slow down a journey. Our 49-seat coaches have toilet facilities on board, making them ideal for longer trips or people who may not be comfortable waiting for a toilet stop.

Enjoy Air Conditioning

Our 49-seater coaches offer full air conditioning, and many of our smaller vehicles have climate control.

On smaller 26-seat and 21-seat vehicles, passengers benefit from forced air systems. These can blow cool or warm air from an adjustable vent above the seat, offering comfort at an affordable price.

We Care About Safety

Luxury transportation is worth nothing unless passengers are safe. That’s why all Mayday Transportation vehicles have seat belts on every single seat.  Most vehicles have three point seat belts; the double decker bus has lap belts instead. During your trip, the driver will always be in attendance while there is at least one person on board.

Mayday Travel has a policy of stowing luggage in boot space to keep aisles clear; the company also has a Health and Safety certificate which is available via our website.

Finally, for the safety of your passengers – and your own peace of mind – all Mayday Travel drivers and escorts have been CRB checked to Enhanced level. During school outings and other contact with youngsters, our drivers will refer any behavior problems or other concerns to the representative in charge. The double decker’s have CCTV on board for everyone’s security.

The end result is a journey that’s comfortable and safe.

Find Our More

If you’d like to know more about the features of our vehicles, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options. And if you need to know how committed we are to safety, one of our trained customer service advisors would be happy to fill you in.