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Organising school coach hire in London can be easy

Organising school coach hire in London can be easy

Most of us will remember how exciting it was to go on a school trip. We’d get to spend all day (and sometimes even an entire week) with our friends, and not have to sit in a boring classroom! One of the most fun parts of a school trip was always the coach journey, as it was a chance to play games, chat and have a laugh with friends. Indeed, as kids, a school trip was probably the only time we went on a coach, so it was generally a bit of a novelty. For teachers, finding a coach operator that is safe, affordable and reliable is a crucial part of organising a school trip – whether it’s a day trip in the UK or a week away in Europe. So, with that in mind, here are some tips to help you organise a coach for your school trip.

Find the right coach operator

Before you can even think about finding a coach operator, you need to know who is going on the school trip. There is no point booking a 49-seat coach if only 10 students are going to be travelling! Make sure you know the maximum amount of people (including teachers and other supervisors) that might attend, and use this to choose the type of coach or minibus that would be most suitable. Also, if any of your pupils have disabilities, you may need to check that the vehicle you choose to hire offers adequate disabled access and facilities.

Make sure everyone knows the departure time

Your coach operator can help you decide on a realistic departure time to get you and your pupils to your destination. Once you know what this is, make sure it is given to every pupil and their parents – it is often best to instruct pupils to arrive at least 30 minutes before the coach leaves to ensure there is enough time to load the luggage and get everyone settled.

Give your pupils the information they need

To ensure a smooth, stress-free journey, some teachers like to talk to pupils beforehand about what to expect on the coach – for example, how long the journey will take, when they will stop for a break and what to do if they feel unwell. If you are travelling to Europe, they will need to have their passports and travel documents available in their hand luggage, so that there are no unnecessary delays at passport control when you cross the UK border.

Here at Mayday Travel, our friendly, highly trained drivers provide safe and reliable coach travel for school trips in the UK and Europe. Simply contact us today to find out more.