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If you have a large-scale family event to organise – like a birthday party, wedding or funeral – then a coach is an ideal option for transport. Not only will guests be able to arrive at the venue at the same time, and be shuttled between locations if necessary, but they will do so in comfort and style. Arranging a coach for your guests removes a weight from everyone’s shoulders: the organiser will not have to worry about coordinating multiple cars, while the guests can enjoy the reassurance of having transport arranged for them. If you think you may want to hire a coach for an event, but are not sure where to start, here are some tips.

Are you organising a large family event that needs transport

Are you organising a large family event that needs transport

Get an idea of passenger numbers

The first step in organising a coach is working out how many passengers are going to need to travel on it. Some people may prefer to make their own way there, so you may not need as many seats as you think. Try to get a realistic maximum passenger number in mind, as this will help you identify which vehicle would be most suitable – if there are 16 or fewer, then a minibus will be fine; if the number is more like 50, then you will probably need a coach.

Work out arrival times

Your coach will turn up at the agreed time to ensure all your guests get to the family event on time. If you are not sure what this should be, then you can simply tell the coach operator what time you need to be at the venue (remembering to leave yourself and your guests enough time to get off the coach and do anything they may need to do before the event). Your driver will then provide you with a realistic timeframe for the journey, and will advise you on a suitable pick-up time. You needn’t worry about delays such as traffic or road closures – with GPS technology and drivers’ expert knowledge of the roads, drivers are able to navigate such disruptions effectively to ensure as little time as possible is lost on your trip.

Book a coach and tell your guests

Once you know your maximum passenger number and what time you need to arrive at the venue, all you need to do is contact a coach operator and book your vehicle. Then, you just have to tell your guests where and when to arrive for pick-up. You might like to ask them to arrive 20 minutes or so before the actual departure time, to account for any passengers who are running late.

Here at Mayday Travel, booking a coach for your family event is quick, easy and hassle-free. Contact us today to find out more.