Meetings, Conferences and Trade Fairs

When you’re organising transport for an important corporate event, it’s essential that everyone is able to get to the venue comfortably and on time. This can be difficult to achieve if all of your guests are travelling individually, as they may encounter delays, have trouble transporting baggage, or have to put up with overcrowded services. All of these things can mean they arrive at the event tired and demotivated.

With Mayday Travel’s fleet of luxury vehicles, you can ensure your guests arrive at your corporate event together, well rested and ready to do business. This can make all the difference to the moods of your valued clients and employees. Whether you’re planning a meeting, conference or trade fair, we will provide punctual, spacious and pleasant transport for your group – a stress-free option to ensure a really productive day.

All of our vehicles are designed to corporate and executive standards

Because of the quality of our service and the executive standard of our vehicles, we have been chosen as the coach operator for some of the highest profile events in Europe. We have taken 490 passengers to and from the EU Summit in Hampton Court Palace, using 10 of our coaches. On top of this, we provide coaches for the London Marathon and the Brit Awards every year. Being part of such important events showcases our exceptional standards, as well as our commitment to any client that works with us.

At any corporate meeting, conference or trade fair, we know that looking neat, tidy and professional is essential when you’re doing business. We do everything we can to ensure our passengers have a comfortable journey and arrive at the venue feeling fresh, confident and ready for the event. Our vehicles are always clean and air conditioned, and passengers have plenty of space to store any personal belongings they have with them. In addition, our drivers are always smartly dressed to reflect the high standards of our company and clients.

Transport solutions that are fully tailored to your company

We are proud to offer an impressive range of high-quality and executive-standard vehicles to take you to and from your corporate event. The size of vehicle we provide is entirely dependent on your individual requirements. If your group is small, one of our 8, 16 or 34-seat vehicles might be a good option for you. If your group is larger, we can offer a luxury coach 49 or even an 80 seat bus.

If you’re in need of a reliable, flexible and professional group transport service for a corporate event, contact us at Mayday Travel today. We’re confident we have the perfect solution to meet your company’s needs.