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We Think London Day Trips Aren’t a Thing of the Past

london-day-trips-by-coachCoach trips have something of a stilted reputation, particularly among the thirty-somethings of today. Many of us remember being shoved onto a coach for school trips, with uncomfortable seats, no seatbelts, and barely enough space for our coats and bags.

Thankfully, day trips have changed for the better, and our London day trips are ever more popular. In an era of increased congestion, we think that the classic coach day trip is coming back into fashion – and here’s why.

Coach travel saves you the stress of parking and driving

On London’s busy roads, a trip across the city can quickly raise your blood pressure and put you in an awful mood. When you take the coach, not only is someone else driving, but they’ll also find a place to park, leaving you free to enjoy the journey there and back. You can fully relax at your destination, and since you’re not the designated driver, you have more chances to enjoy yourself without the worry of how you’re getting home.

The whole family can get involved

Why take a trip with the kids if you spend most of day in the car? When you book as a family on the coach, you can enjoy the whole day; the journey becomes part of the experience. Mayday Travel offers everything you need to keep your kids comfortable and safe, including seatbelts on all seats, and toilets on our 49-seater coaches.

Don’t forget to pack all the essentials for your trip, including your camera, mp3 player and some games for the kids.

Coach travel is eco-friendly

Coach travel is proven to be the most eco-friendly mode of transport. We blogged about this earlier in the year, but here’s a quick recap of the figures.

Flying frequently is a huge contributor to your carbon footprint, and car travel comes in second for most people. Air travel has a big short term impact, while car travel pollutes over a longer period.

In contrast, rail, coach and bus travel tops the list of eco-friendly options. On each journey, you contribute just 4.3kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, compared to 36.6kg for the same journey by car.

Our London day trips are affordable

Each year, we organise hundreds of coach trips to destinations in London and the south east. Because we run scheduled services, we can offer great savings to our passengers.

Got the bug?

Mayday Travel offers London day trips for shopping, sightseeing and relaxation. Visit the Apollo Theatre for a show, take a trip to Camden Market or visit central London for the annual Christmas lights.

If you’ve been on one of our London day trips and you’d like to go further afield, check out the Mayday Travel day trip schedule for details of our European travels. We offer coach trips to destinations like Bruges in Belgium, giving you the freedom to see the world by coach. Just grab your ticket and your passport, and hop on board.

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