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Main Advantage of Choosing a London Coach Hire Company

By 18th May 2016October 14th, 2016Corporate Coach Hire, Day Trips, Short Breaks
Travel around London in one of our luxury coaches

Travel around London in one of our luxury coaches

When you need to hire a coach, you have potentially hundreds companies to choose from. Some will be close to you in London. Others will be further away. The internet allows us to compare prices from companies all over the country. But will the quality of service always be comparable?

There are many situations where choosing a local supplier makes sense, and coach hire is certainly one example. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should stick with a London coach hire company.

Driver Knowledge

Traditionally, London black cab drivers have trained for months to pass the so-called Knowledge test. This test is designed to ensure that drivers know enough about London’s roads to be a good driver.

All of our vehicles are driven by professional coach drivers who have picked up similar knowledge from working extensively in the capital for many years. They know the street names, the routes to avoid, the one-way systems and the likely bottlenecks. This means that they can plan to get from A to B in any conditions, and at any time of day.

Sat-nav is certainly a brilliant invention, but a coach driver needs to have this instinctive grasp of London’s roads to get you around a sudden diversion. Would you rather have a local driver that knew the best route off the top of their head? Or would you go with someone from out of town that was relying on Google Maps?

Local Landmarks

Sometimes, we transport people who aren’t actually from London. We pick up from the suburbs, or transport guests for functions and events. Often, these passengers know vaguely where they need to be, but they don’t know street names and can easily get lost.

With one of our drivers at the wheel, your guests will be notified of local landmarks where necessary, so they’ll be able to keep track of where they are and get their bearings.

Peace of Mind

When you opt for a London coach hire provider, you know that you have access to a guarantee when you need it. We guarantee to get you the best deal, and we guarantee to treat all customers and passengers with respect.

If you have a problem, we’re right here to help, over the phone or in person. We’re based in Croydon, so if you need to come to our office you’ll never have far to go.

On our website, you will find emergency contact numbers for several members of our team. If you need urgent help, we’ll be able to assist you instantly over the phone, or provide local response if appropriate. And if there’s any problem with a vehicle, you have the reassurance of knowing we can despatch additional vehicles or drivers at a moment’s notice.

Play It Safe

Coach hire is one of those services that can vary wildly in price. We promise to give you the best possible quotation so you can see how much you’re getting for your money. At Mayday Travel, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Call us now to find out why coach hire in London is the most reliable and economical choice.