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Introducing our new minibuses

By 11th November 2013October 15th, 2016Vehicles


Introducing our latest addition, the Ford Tourneo

Introducing our latest addition, the Ford Tourneo

Look what just came through the door…

It’s not every day that something sleek, stylish, and just a little bit sexy comes into your life. Not around here anyway.

Well, just a few days ago, it happened.

Even better, there were two of them. Loaded too. Sophisticated and elegant, they cruised into the car park like they owned the place. Sat there, as if to say ‘Come on, take a good long look’. So we did. How could we not? And now they’re part of the family. The latest luxurious members of the Mayday Travel fleet.

The beauty is more than skin deep

Good looks are one thing. And our new custom-built 957 Ford Tourneos are certainly head-turners. But it’s what’s inside that counts. Under the bonnet, a new design diesel engine that’s more powerful with less noise, and more fuel efficient, than ever before. It also meets the latest Stage V European emissions standards.

Sound-proofed interior for a quiet ride

Sound-proofed interior for a quiet ride

The upgraded noise insulation is made out of recycled denim jeans and reclaimed upholstery! All this means that Mayday Travel can now take you where you want to go more quickly, more quietly and more eco-friendly than ever before. In the passenger area, air conditioning and adjustable headrests make your journey more comfortable. Individual reading lights and Bluetooth can help you to entertain yourself. Alternatively the dashboard mounted CD/Radio can get your party started or even chill you out on the way home, as Mayday Travel’s friendly expert drivers take all the worries out of travelling.

Set up a date

With comfortable seating for eight, and more luggage space than a whole gaggle of shopaholics could fill, our new minibuses could be the answer to whatever transport question you might have. A shopping trip to Bluewater or a thrill-packed journey to Alton Towers. A girls’ weekend away at a spa hotel or a Caister all-nighter. A lads’ expedition to the Hogsback Brewery or the Bovington Tank Museum. A company team-building event or off-site meeting. Come on, give Mayday Travel a ring. We’ll introduce you to our new stars and set up a date. You’ll love them. Almost as much as we do…