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We love getting ready for the new year, giving everyone a chance to celebrate the end of the last 12 months in style. If you’re heading to a party, don’t let travel woes ruin the fun and excitement. Hiring a coach or minibus is the ideal solution for many, getting you to your destination on time in a spacious, comfortable vehicle.

Follow our top tips for getting to your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

What are the best ways to get to your New Year's Eve party this year? Choose private coach hire & minibus services. Beat the crowds, receive reliable pickup & drop-off services & save money. Book your luxury vehicle now.Beat the Crowds

New Year’s Eve is notorious for attracting large crowds, especially if you’re going to see the fireworks in London. Even if you’re going to a party at another venue or having celebrations elsewhere in the UK, everywhere from the roads to pubs and clubs are heaving on the final night of the year. There’s nothing worse than fighting your way through hundreds of others en-route to your party. Booking private transport is the best option for beating the crowds. A reputable company will provide a knowledgeable driver who knows the roads and can find alternative routes without issue should you encounter congestion.

Reliable Transport

We all know how unreliable trains can be, especially after the findings recently published about Britain’s worst train stations. Unreliable transport on New Year’s Eve can completely ruin your mood, setting back your plans and making you feel exhausted and stressed before you’ve even got close to your party location. Private coaches and minibuses are two of the most reliable forms of transport that adhere to one schedule only – yours! They’ll turn up on time, know where you’re going and provide a door to door service straight to your party.

Save Money with Group Travel

Have you and your friends taken separate taxis or added up the cost of all your train tickets? If you did, it’s staggering how much people spend trying to get to the same destination. Why not join together and split the cost of hiring a luxury vehicle such as a minibus. If you find the right company, they’ll provide you with a high quality service that includes spacious, comfortable seating and capacity to play your own music through a CD player or Bluetooth, MP3, iPod or iPhone connection. This gets your entire group into the party spirit before you’ve even arrived at your venue. Unlike public transport, there’s also plenty of room to put your coats, scarves, bags and other essentials so that you can just relax rather than worrying about whether your outfit is still looking as good as when you left home or getting hot and bothered in too many layers.

Book Your New Year’s Eve Travel Now

Want to hire a coach or minibus for New Year’s Eve celebrations in London, Surrey or other destinations across the South East? Here at Mayday Travel, we provide a wide range of high quality vehicles, ideal for groups who want to arrive at their party in both style and comfort. So, whether you’re heading to a party in Blackheath, Islington or further afield, call 020 8680 5111 to speak to our team and get a free quotation on coach and minibus hire.