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We all know just how frustrating trains can be, and a survey by Which? has just published Britain’s ten worst train stations when it comes to delays. They revealed that rail passengers faced delays on more than half of all services from the country’s ten busiest train stations, leaving them feeling pretty angry and frustrated. Here’s our break down of some of the shocking results, as well as the best solutions for avoiding these stations.

Train travel alternatives - best ways to avoid Britain's 10 worst stationsWorst Train Stations Outside of London

The study looked at punctuality data from January to September within both London and the rest of Great Britain, forming two lists of those whose performance could do better. For those outside the capital, Manchester Oxford Road fared the worst with 68% of trains delayed, with York in second and several places in the South East also making the list. Woking came in ninth place, while worryingly, Gatwick Airport was 3rd. With a staggering 60% of trains late and 5% cancelled from Gatwick’s busy airport station, travellers are being let down when they so desperately need transport on the ground to run on time. A great solution is to organise private airport pickups from a reputable minibus hire company who offer stress-free transfers in spacious, luxury vehicles.

London’s Biggest Delays

Within the capital, Clapham Junction came top with 54% of trains delayed or cancelled, probably coming as no surprise to many, with King’s Cross in second and London Victoria in third as the worst performing terminus station. Stratford and London bridge completed the top five. With so many commuters in and around the South East travelling to and from the capital, as well as those making their way across the city each day for work or leisure, it seems Britain’s busiest railways stations are in chaos. Whether it’s ‘leaves on the track’, lack of staff or knock-on effects following signal failures, it’s wise to have a transport back up plan.

Booking Rail Replacement Services

Reliability is something which is vital for passengers, whether wanting to get home after a long day, catching a flight or simply trying to get to work every day. If you’re struggling to get from A to B, there are alternative options available, as well as lifelines when you desperately need to get somewhere on time. Luckily, there are some affordable emergency replacement services available. These 24/7 services offered by reputable minibus and coach hire companies give you a stress-free alternative when you’ve yet again been stranded by your usual train. Many commuters are even turning to this as a regular solution, preferring the comfort, certainty and hassle-free experience they receive.

Avoiding Train Stations

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