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The Advantages of Hiring a Minibus With a Driver

By 18th March 2016October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Corporate Coach Hire, Vehicles
The Advantages of Hiring a Minibus With a Driver

The Advantages of Hiring a Minibus With a Driver

How do you get a group of people safely from A to B? How can you travel together, without over-estimating the amount of space you need. There are times when hiring a minibus is the most sensible and economical choice. From school day trips to wedding parties, minibuses offer secure and safe transportation for a group of up to 21 people.

Once you’ve decided to hire a minibus, you then have to decide whether to go with the self-drive option, or go for a hire service that includes a professional driver. At Mayday Travel, we’d always recommend that you choose to hire your minibus with a driver – here’s why.

Are You Able to Self-Drive?

When you choose a self-drive minibus package, there are a lot of things to consider.

Firstly, how big is the vehicle you’re going to be driving? Minibuses range from 7 to 21 seats, and larger vehicles can’t be driven on a normal driving licence. You’ll need to have category D1 specifically listed on your licence. If you passed your test before 1 January 1997, this should be on your licence. If you didn’t, you will need to apply for the D1 provisional entitlement and take a separate test.

Also note that non-EU drivers won’t be road legal driving anything over 9 seats, and practically every hire company poses a minimum age restriction, which increases with the size of the vehicle.

For most people, the expense and hassle involved in self-drive isn’t economical for occasional hire periods.

The Benefits of a Driver

Apart from anything else, being driven is something of a luxury. If you hire a minibus with a driver, you’ll enjoy kicking back with the rest of your guests to enjoy the journey, so you can enjoy the indulgence of being chauffeured.

All of our drivers drive in the south east and through northern Europe, and have an unbeatable knowledge of the road network. They can work their way around jams, and they know the best routes to beat peak traffic. If you’re on your way to a sports fixture or a party, your driver plays a key role in getting you there on time.

Additionally, all of our drivers are there to make your journey more fun and enjoyable. They’re DBS checked, so they can work with young people, and they work to company policies that determine when they can leave their vehicle or their planned route. This means you’re always safe in our company, and you will never have to unexpectedly share your minibus with passengers you’re not expecting on your trip.

More Information About Minibus Hire

Summer is fast approaching, and we’re all thinking ahead to summer holidays and music festivals. There will inevitably be a situation where you need to travel with a group, for work or for leisure. We’re here to get you to your destination safely, with a driver to navigate and take the stress out of your day. If you’d like a quote, or you want to know more about our minibus hire services, don’t hesitate to give Mayday Travel a call.