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Team building days can be a really fun way to bring people together, improve teamwork, help them work towards goals and bond more. If you’re part of a sports club, this is really important, as everything they do on the court or pitch will be as a team. Here are some top tips to organising a great team-building day for sporting clubs.

Sports club travel guides: plan the ideal team building day & coach hire

Defining Your Sports Team’s Needs

One of the first steps when planning any type of team building day is to define the needs of your group. This means identifying your objectives first. Are there issues in your team you need to address? Are these personality-based, skill-based or knowledge-based? Think about the types of activity which your sports team are going to find useful, as well as fun, helping everyone to get on board with what you want to achieve.

Team Building Activity Days

If you need your sports team to start bonding as one unit more, look for some team building days which involve acting as a group. If you’re working with a company who runs team building events, they may even be able to tailor games around your needs, such as those for improving communication, instinct, sportsmanship or creativity. You could even plan an off-field activity such as ice skating, an escape room or a scavenger hunt.

However, don’t just assume all plans for those in a sports team require physical activity. There are plenty of other useful activities you can choose which help with anything from building trust to learning to keep calm under pressure. This includes social events for new teams who haven’t got to know each other well yet, such as heading to a relaxing retreat for the afternoon for some bonding time.

How to Get There

The team building shouldn’t just begin once you’re at the venue. Travelling together there and back can be a great way to break the ice, socialise and help your club feel more of a team, as well as anyone else travelling with them such as coaches. Hiring a coach or minibus is an excellent idea, as they can pick you up, drop you off and collect you again afterwards. Moreover, for those organising the team building day, it’s a highly practical choice. You won’t have to worry about everyone arriving at different times, issues with people’s journeys or separate travel expenses. The coach or minibus you hire can even pick you up directly from your sports club.

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