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We have made it through winter. Cold, snow and sleet – yuck. Spring is here, promising crisp, dewy mornings and fresh flowers. Finally! With the Easter weekend arriving soon, it is the perfect time to make the most of the beautiful changing seasons. So, why not get outside and see a bit of spring this Easter?

A group getaway

The Easter weekend is the perfect occasion to spend time with your loved ones and plan a group getaway. Whether that is with family, friends, or both, it’s a great time to get everyone together. Rather than taking various cars and fighting for legroom with everyone’s luggage, you could try hiring a coach for the weekend away. It’s easier, roomier and means everyone gets to the location at the same time. No rogue family members lost on the motorway or arguments about taking the wrong turning. Sit back and let someone else do the driving – phew!

Easter day trip

You may be lucky enough to have more time off than just the weekend this Easter, whether that is due to your university holidays or because you’ve booked annual leave to spend some time with the kids. It’s always a difficult decision to make – deciding what to do when you have all that free time. It’s not fun being stuck inside waiting for the rain to subside, getting stuck in traffic, or venturing out to attractions only to hit the inevitable holiday queues. So, what to do? Getting away on a coach day trip can be a fun and hassle-free way to spend your time over the Easter holidays. Let someone else take the wheel – relax and watch the rolling scenery. Over the Easter period, Mayday Travel is offering a wonderful day trip to Chippenham Park in Cambridgeshire. See the blooming daffodils and watch spring unfurling in the beautiful gardens. Treat yourself, see the sights and get away without the usual Easter holiday stress.

Shelter from the April showers

As lovely as spring is, April showers are normally an inevitable part of the Easter weekend. Public transport becomes packed and damp as people rush to shelter from the rain, and walking around is not much fun either – unless you enjoy being splashed by cars driving through puddles! By booking a coach, you let someone else do the driving and avoid the damp public transport.

If you want to get out of town this Easter without the usual stress, then why not book one of our Mayday Travel coaches? Easy, affordable and hassle-free, our coaches are the perfect option for a spring getaway. Contact us at Mayday Travel to book or enquire today.