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Finding Secret Locations For a Beer – Take the Coach

By 20th April 2015October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips
Get to Britain's secret beer locations by coach

Get to Britain’s secret beer locations by coach

At the end of a busy day, or with a relaxing weekend ahead, many people look forward to a pint or two. Whether you’re a real ale fanatic or you prefer a cool, crisp lager, just thinking about your favourite brand is bound to make you thirsty.

For many people, leisure time means seeking out new places to enjoy a well crafted beer. If you want to branch out into hop-related pastures new, here’s some thoughts on how to reawaken your taste buds with some new experiences.

And with Mayday Travel, you don’t have to worry about driving – you can reach these destinations by coach.

Explore Local Brews

There are some fantastic locally brewed pints to try these days in many parts of the UK. Old recipes using natural ingredients are being brought back to life by micro breweries, and these are often started out by hobbyists who have a passion for a perfect pint.

If you want to enjoy one of these local ales in a social setting, you’ll need to go beyond the chain pub and find a small beer garden close to the source.

Another alternative is a brewery tour or ‘open evening’. Some breweries open their doors to the public periodically, allowing them to savour different pints and try out lesser-known variants. If you buy half-pints, rather than full pints, you’ll be able to work your way through several of their weird and wonderful concoctions in one sitting.

Let us do the driving - take our coach whilst sampling local ales

Let us do the driving – take our coach whilst sampling local ales

Keep it a Secret

Food and wine are a classic pairing, but many hearty dishes really need a beer to be appreciated. Most of us though wouldn’t know what to pair with what, but there are now some restaurants who will pair world-renowned menus with ales and lagers.

One example is the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, where every course comes with a matched beer. They even cater for vegetarians – something many five star restaurants cannot claim. Read more in this Buzzfeed article.

We provide a number of London-based coach services so why not arrange for a private visit to London this year.

Flying Visits

On a coach trip, take the time to step off the beaten track and search out the more unusual and quirky of pubs. There are some real gems out there; the smallest pub in the UK called the Nutshell in Bury St Edmonds, the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem sitting in the shadow of Notthingham Castle which claims to be the oldest in the UK, or really strange places to drink such as The Marsden Grotto in South Shields which is built into a cliff face.

For the ultimate juxtaposition of drink and location, the quite frankly amazing Icebar London is an unusual choice in many ways; not only is the pub itself constructed from ice, the glasses are too. Take a pair of gloves with you – even if it’s August.

Travel in style on a coach to enjoy the journey

Everyone knows the dangers of drink driving – it’s not worth it, even for a great new beer you’ve discovered. Not only are you risking lives, you’re invalidating your insurance, and potentially buying yourself a one-way ticket to a far less relaxing location.

Instead, investigate the coach trips Mayday Travel offers. Hop aboard for a day trip by the sea, or travel further afield to sample the beers of Belgium and beyond. You can enjoy the local brew, safe in the knowledge your transport each way is covered, and there’s a restroom on every luxury coach – handy. All you need to do is decide which beer to try first.