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Discover a greener way to explore Europe and the UK

By 21st June 2016October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Short Breaks
Reduce your carbon footprint by booking on one of our coaches

Reduce your carbon footprint by booking on one of our coaches

Coach travel has made an exciting comeback in recent years. As well as being economically practical and a convenient solution for groups of all sizes, travelling by coach is also among the most environmentally friendly forms of transport available today – helping our passengers to significantly lower their carbon footprints.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector is an issue Mayday Travel is passionate about, and we are pleased to be able to offer our passengers a greener way to discover Europe and the UK. All of our coaches are modern and energy efficient, meaning they don’t cause unnecessary air pollution and carbon emissions.

Group travel can help limit the pollution caused by the transport sector

The great thing about coach travel is that it’s an eco-friendly option for all group sizes. If you’re travelling on your own then even the shortest journey, such as taking a taxi to the airport, contributes a significant amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. When you swap your taxi for a group airport shuttle service, filled with other passengers, this dramatically reduces the amount of pollution contributed by each individual. That’s why so many individual travellers choose to travel to Europe and the UK by coach.

In the same way, when you’re travelling as a family or a group of friends, then coach travel allows you to reduce the amount of CO2 contributed per passenger by almost nine times when compared to travelling by car. If you’re visiting Europe or a destination in the UK, group coach travel is also significantly more affordable than travelling by train, plane or car.

Coach trips are greener than ever

As people begin to notice the impact that transport is having on the environment, organised coach trips across the UK and Europe are becoming increasingly popular. Outdated misconceptions about coach travel have been replaced, and coaches have gained a new reputation as green, clean, comfortable and pleasant modes of transport. When travelling in these conditions, passengers are happy to enjoy a slightly longer journey. Reducing our carbon footprints is an important issue for many of our passengers and, as environmental awareness continues to grow, coach travel will become the preferred mode of transport for many eco-conscious travellers across the continent.

If you would like to visit a destination in the UK or Europe by coach, get in touch with us at Mayday Travel today. We have an energy-efficient fleet with vehicles of various sizes, so we can help you create a tailored trip for a group size of your choice. Alternatively, you could take a look at our scheduled day trips. We look forward to hearing from you!