Emergency replacement services

When your train or plane is cancelled or severely delayed, there is nothing worse than having to pay out an extortionate sum of money for an alternative form of transportation. In London, the public transport network is frequently affected by industrial action, bad weather or a lack of staff. Some coach operators take this as an opportunity to capitalise on customers’ desperation, but Mayday Travel offers an affordable and reputable emergency minibus or coach service.

Our 24-hour service runs seven days a week, providing stranded travellers with swift, safe and reliable transport to their destination. We are invaluable to any emergency contingency plan. Our focus is on responding to emergencies as quickly as possible, providing affordable travel alternatives, and getting travellers to where they need to be with little fuss.

Make us part of your emergency contingency plan

If your business sends its employees to Europe for meetings, conferences or other corporate events, it’s essential to plan for any travel disruption that could delay their arrival or return. If they are left stranded at a UK airport, with no means of getting back, then their absence is most likely going to be costly for your business. Mayday Travel can provide an efficient, affordable and reliable emergency coach service to pick up your employees, and drive them safely back.

Efficient emergency transport across the UK and Europe

Whether passengers are stuck in Europe due to flight cancellations, or can’t get to work because the train network is in a mess, we have a range of emergency transport solutions to meet their needs. The vehicles we have available can sit up to 80 people, but we also have smaller, 8-seat vehicles on offer, as well as options in between.

We work with tour operators, travel agents and independent travellers, and can respond to emergencies at very short notice. Our drivers’ extensive knowledge and experience of the road network in and around London and across Europe means that further delays are not an issue – they will always know the best way to get around them in order to get their passengers back as swiftly as possible.

Affordable and reliable alternatives at short notice

We will always try to find the most efficient way to provide emergency transport to avoid our passengers, agents or operators any unnecessary stress and expense. If a group of people are all travelling to the same destination, it will be more cost-effective to provide a large coach than multiple small vehicles, for example.

If you’re in need of a dependable and trustworthy emergency coach service at short notice, contact us at Mayday Travel today. Our team would be delighted to help!