Double decker coach hire from Mayday Travel

They say that ‘two is better than one’. Our double-decker coaches go a long way to prove that. The biggest single deck coach can seat up to 49 people. Now that’s quite a lot of people. What if you need to transport more than that?

Well, you could hire two coaches. But that’s two coaches with two drivers, and the costs and complications start adding up. The answer? Just double-up. A Mayday Travel double-decker coach can seat in comfort no less than 80 people. That’s 80 people, all together, all in the same place at the same time. No convoys, no communication problems, no stress.

So it’s the cheaper option. It’s the greener one too. One coach creates less emissions than two, and a lot less than 40 cars! And all our Mayday Travel double-deckers are Euro IV compliant, meeting the Transport for London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards.

So our double-decker coaches really are the best way to explore London, take a large group to a big event up town or even to a nearby wedding, especially if parking is an issue. And let’s not forget, they’re fun! Up on the top deck, looking down on the passing world, you can pretend that you’re a kid again, heading to school or somewhere exciting and new. Who needs a TARDIS? Contact Mayday Travel for more details and prices of our double-decker coaches today.

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