Corporate Coach Hire

When your company is hosting or attending an important corporate event, it’s important that your travel arrangements reflect the high standards of your business. Providing smart, luxury vehicles is essential to showing clients that they are valuable to you, and that you want them to travel in comfort and style. It’s a small detail, but it can make all the difference.

Mayday Travel’s first-class, executive-standard coaches are available for corporate hire, and are the most practical and comfortable way to transport your employees or clients to any important business event. Our door-to-door corporate coach service is punctual, spacious and pleasant – ideal for setting the right tone.

All of our vehicles are stylish and of an executive standard

We know that your clients or employees will want to arrive at any corporate event looking as good as when they left the office, so we work hard to make sure our vehicles are comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy and cramped coach, so we ensure that our vehicles are always clean, air conditioned and spacious, with a separate area for baggage.

In addition, our drivers are always clean and well presented, so you can be confident that they’ll uphold your valuable company standards. They’re always punctual, polite and professional, and are highly skilled at using their knowledge of the Greater London road network to avoid any disruptions and delays. With years of practice working with high-profile clients, Mayday Travel’s drivers will provide the professional corporate experience you expect.

Your business is important to us

At Mayday Travel, we have an excellent range of luxury minibuses and coaches and can accommodate any size of corporate group. Our largest vehicle can sit anywhere up to 80 people, and we have multiple coaches available. To find you the most cost-effective option, we will discuss your needs thoroughly at the booking stage so that we can provide the most suitably sized vehicle for your needs.

Your business is very important to us, and that’s why we work hard to tailor every journey to your individual needs and wants. If you have any specific requirements, or if you need an extra service, please let us know. We will do our best to offer advice and help find you an ideal solution.

If you require a coach service to impress your corporate peers, contact us at Mayday Travel today. We look forward to working with you!