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Some people are still put off by coach travel because of how they remember it being decades ago – cramped, stuffy and uncomfortable. And so some young people also aren’t keen on it because of what their parents have told them. But, nowadays, coach travel is so different! It is a popular transport option for holidays, short breaks, school trips, shuttles and corporate events. So, with this in mind, we’ve set out to bust some of the biggest coach travel myths!

Coach travel facts: The truth about coach trips from the expertsCoaches aren’t cramped

Modern coaches are designed with comfort in mind, which means that seats have a good amount of legroom and there is space to stretch your legs if you start to get restless. Also, while it’s fine to keep a small bag with you on the coach, passengers are asked to put bulkier items of luggage in the undercarriage or overhead storage, which ensures that you won’t be squashed up against big bags. You will have room to stretch out and enjoy the journey.

Coaches are air-conditioned

A huge misconception is that coaches are always stuffy, hot and have that ‘coach smell’. Not anymore. Most coaches nowadays are air-conditioned and kept spotlessly clean so that they smell fresh. In fact, most seats will have individual air-conditioning vents above them – if you like to crank up the air-conditioning while you travel, just bring a jumper to stay warm!

Long journeys are broken up with scheduled breaks

While travelling by coach is naturally going to take longer than flying or taking your own car, the benefits outweigh this. Sure, if you fly, you could get to your destination quicker than if you get the coach, but you will probably also pay double the price or more for your ticket. If you drive, you have to deal with the stress of planning the journey and negotiating traffic. If you travel by coach, you can have more money for treats when you arrive at your destination, and you can cosy up and enjoy a journey of reading, dozing or watching films!

You can kick back and relax

Travelling by coach as an adult is not the same as when you were a kid. People don’t tend to have sing-alongs and chat all the way, passing bags of crisps and sweets around every five minutes. Most travellers prefer to have a snooze, or put their headphones in and relax with a book. If there are any noisy, disruptive passengers that don’t give you a moment’s rest, like on Coach Trip, your coach operator will probably politely ask them to be a little quieter.

Here at Mayday Travel, we do everything we can to make your coach trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Don’t believe the myths! Just contact us today to book your trip.