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Coach Travel isn’t just for the older traveller

By 16th December 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips, Short Breaks

Getting from A to B in the 21st century is about travelling in style, at speed and with minimum hassle. Being able to personalise your itinerary lets you create exactly the adventure you want, without wasting time doing things you don’t enjoy.

The coach is a great way to get out and about, and it lets you see new locations in the UK and further afield. We advertise fantastic day trips to numerous cities and visitor attractions. But the image of coach travel – particularly for day trips, is one that is full of misconceptions.

If you’ve always thought that taking a day trip on a coach meant sharing the journey with people of a different age group, or plodding around dull monuments and attractions at snail’s pace, think again. Travelling by coach is now seen as a way for holidaymakers of all ages to beat traffic, feel refreshed and get a lot more holiday for their money.

Coach travel is not just for the older traveller

Coach travel is not just for the older traveller


For the last few decades, the image of coach travel has been that it is for older travellers. As such, people think it’s slow, or it’s lacking the modern facilities young people are used to.

Coach companies like Mayday Travel advertise day trips to towns and cities, or weekends to a hotel, that may also include a trip to the theatre. But many who would enjoy these kinds of excursions worry that they’ll be travelling with people who are much older. This is completely untrue. We see a broad spread of ages taking the coach, from teens to seniors.

Some people feel coach travel isn’t smooth, swift or well equipped for a long journey. If you think that way, it’s a while since you last stepped on board a coach. On a coach trip in 2015, you’ll meet great people of all ages who have realised how relaxing it is to spend time on a coach, and they’re all benefitting from modern fixtures and fittings, like air conditioning, seatbelts, power points and toilets.

The reality

Heading off to new destinations by coach is now popular with all ages; families for example can travel in space and comfort, and there’s no need for someone to be spending their time becoming stressed through driving.

Young students find it an affordable way to explore cities they wouldn’t normally be able to afford to travel to, and groups of friends who are heading off on a night out can travel together and not have the problem of taking a number of cars.

Coach travel also means there’s no need for a designated driver, so you have more options open to you when you arrive – including enjoying a few celebratory beers to toast the occasion.

And booking a coach trip is far easier, and cheaper, than trying to block-book seats on a train.

Coach options

Mayday Travel offers trips to cities, seaside locations and destinations abroad. Enjoy diverse history, architecture, art galleries or museums, top up your tan or hit the department stores.

Once you have our brochure in hand, and you’ve chosen where you want to adventure to, it’s just a case of booking your tickets, turning up at the pick-up spot and stepping on board with all the other passengers – of all ages – who are looking forward to a great day out.