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Modern coach travel is safer than you may thinkTravelling by coach is one of the safest ways you can get from A to B. With enhanced security features, extensive driver training, ever-improving vehicle technology and strict international regulations, coaches are perfectly designed to safely transport high volumes of passengers across large distances. In fact, statistically, coaches and buses are a lot safer than cars, motorbikes, trams and bicycles on the roads.

According to the EU Care Database 2011, coach and bus accidents accounted for a mere 0.4 per cent of road fatalities in the EU in that year, compared to cars, which were responsible for a huge 46.4 per cent. Trams were linked to 3.3 per cent of road fatalities, bicycles 6.6 per cent, motorbikes 17.7 per cent and pedestrians 19.8 per cent. While figures from Eurostat show that the number of people killed in road accidents in the EU is decreasing year on year (down from 54,439 in 27 Member States in 2012, to 27,101 in 23 Member States in 2013), it is clear that travelling by coach is the safest mode of road transport in the UK and Europe.

What makes coaches so safe?

The quality of the vehicles used by coach hire companies has improved significantly in the past few years, as operators want to make sure they are as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible for passengers. This means that coaches must be serviced regularly to ensure they are safe, well-maintained and up to standard with the latest directives and regulations.

On top of this, coach drivers undergo extensive assessment and training before they are selected to operate a coach – and, indeed, every five years from then on. As well as undergoing a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, drivers must obtain a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PVC) licence (also known as a Category D licence), complete a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving, and gain a Driver Certification of Professional Competence (CPC).

Additional security features

As well as having standard safety solutions like lap belts, ergonomic seating, clear escape routes and safety information for passengers, coaches are also equipped with additional security systems, such as internal and external CCTV cameras to ensure the driver can keep an eye on passengers and their luggage at all times. Many coach operators also have dedicated contact centres that passengers can call in an emergency or if they have any concerns, as well as staffed stations across the coach network. The latest tracking technology means that coach operators know where each of their drivers is at all times.

Here at Mayday Travel, we do everything we can to ensure our minibuses and coaches are as safe as possible for our passengers. Contact us today to find out more.