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Did You Know Coach Travel is Making a Comeback?

By 18th September 2015October 15th, 2016Club Coach Hire, Coach Travel, Day Trips, Short Breaks
Coach travel is making a comeback!

Coach travel is making a comeback!

Coach travel first became popular around 50 years ago, when coach companies started to organise trips for family groups. For many children in the 1960s, the humble coach gave them their first experience of the seaside.

Through the 80s and 90s, coaches fell out of fashion as cheap flights wooed British families. But over the last decade, we’ve all rediscovered what we originally loved about coach trips.

Improved Comfort

Many seniors reading our blog will remember the golden age of coach travel. Trips to Margate, ice cream on the beach, and bagsying the back seat on the way home.

You may also have rose-tinted memories of those classic 1960s buses, in all their bone-shaking glory. With their squeaky suspension and metal-framed seats, these vehicles were just about bearable for a short excursion, but you wouldn’t want to sit in them for long.

Today’s coaches are in a completely different league, and that’s one of the reasons why coach travel has regained some popularity. With climate control, more legroom, reclining seats and seatbelts, the whole interior of the coach has been reconsidered and redesigned to make short and long journeys a pleasure – not a chore.

It’s also much easier to travel with the kids on a coach.

Value For Money

Air travel became popular when prices plummeted, and carriers like RyanAir changed the game forever. But smart marketing, and smarter booking systems, has made the cost of tickets more volatile, and prices can go up without warning.

Coach travel, by contrast, is an extremely economical way of getting to your destination, which is why our scheduled trip tickets and coach hire rates are so affordable. When we quote a price for a journey, it includes everything: there’s nothing extra to pay on the way.


In terms of global warming, the aeroplane is bad news, since a huge amount of carbon dioxide is produced for every passenger. To put this into perspective, one flight from London to New York adds more to your carbon footprint than a whole year of driving on the road. If you were ever in doubt about air travel, make no mistake: it’s not good news for the planet.

While car travel is much better than the plane, you can go one stage further. Compared to the car, coach travel is even more economical. In fact, it’s the most efficient way of getting around in a vehicle on the road. Modern luxury coaches are built to withstand rigorous emissions tests, and we also transport more passengers in one vehicle, cutting the potential carbon emissions per passenger.

Beat the Queues

Mayday Travel is proud to offer dozens of scheduled coach trips to destinations around the south of England. From shopping centres to seaside towns, we can take you there on one of our luxury vehicles. If you fancy a trip abroad, why not skip the polluting, expensive air fares and go by coach instead.

Our customers are located all over London and the south of England. For more information about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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