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How Coach Travel Has Changed in the Last 50 Years

Luxury vehicle hire with WiFi

Luxury vehicle hire with WiFi

Coach travel first became a craze with the UK’s holidaymakers in the 1960s, when people first began to feel the stresses and strains of work. People felt more of a need to take an annual seaside holiday to relax and get away from it all. However, cars and plane were still seen as something of a luxury, so the coach provided an affordable alternative.

Coach travel has made a bit of a comeback in recent years. The recession has seen people ditching the four-figure holidays for cheaper, closer-to-home excursions in the UK and Europe. Holidays at home are just as enjoyable, and cutting down on the travel is never a bad thing.

So, how much has coach travel changed in the last 50 years?

Room to stretch out

In the 1960s, the differences between a coach and a bus were minimal. The seats on a coach might have been made to be a little more comfortable than on a bus, but as far as passenger comfort was concerned, that was about as far as it went.

Fast forward fifty years and things have improved considerably. The internet has given the consumer a real voice, and poor coach companies can have their reputations tarnished on review sites if they don’t attend to the comfort of their clients. A modern coach costs around £300,000 to build, and usually comes equipped with plenty of legroom, air conditioning, entertainment systems and even reclining chairs.

Stop the bus, I want a …

Back in the days of black-and-white TV, if you were on a coach and you needed to pay a quick visit to the restroom, the driver would take one look at you, laugh, and tell you to hold on until you arrived at your destination.

These days a modern coach will definitely have a toilet on board, and coach drivers also take frequent stops for rest and refreshments. This allows everyone to be comfortable, while taking time to stretch their legs.

Wheelchair access for coaches is important

Wheelchair access for coaches is important

Modern coaches are wheelchair friendly

Sadly, if you were in a wheelchair in the 1960s or had some other form of disability, most coach operators would simply refuse to accommodate you. It really was a case of struggling to cope with the coach layout or staying at home.

Half a century onwards and things have rightfully improved for people with any form of disability. These days, coach companies have a legal obligation to make sure that anyone with any form of disability can get on or off their coaches safely and without unreasonable difficulty.

Coach travel has improved a great deal over the past fifty years. Companies really have no other choice but to put the customer first, meaning customers – both able-bodied and disabled – can rest assured that their comfort has been taken into consideration when booking a coach holiday or coach trip with a reputable coach company.

Enjoy Modern Comfort

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