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How to Get the Most Out of Your Coach Trip with Mayday Travel

By 19th August 2015October 15th, 2016Coach Travel
Make the most of your coach day trip and see the sights

Make the most of your coach day trip and see the sights

Going on a coach trip is a different experience to air or car travel. After you’re picked up, you can switch off and relax, free from the stress of route planning, boarding times and ticket inspectors. In fact, we believe that coach travel is a truly luxurious way to take a day trip – even more relaxing than the train.

Any day trip tends to fly by, and before you know it, you’ll be dropped off back at home. To get the most from the experience, here’s our handy coach travel guide.

What to Bring

Coach travel isn’t like the “olden days”; you don’t need thermals and a hat! All of our coaches are climate controlled, so you don’t have to bring extra clothing just for the journey. We recommend bringing suitable outdoor gear for the destination, and a brolly – just in case – you do live in Britain after all! You can stash bulky coats and jumpers in the storage area, so you won’t need to balance them on your lap. Just wear comfortable shoes for walking, and bring whatever you need for your baby, or your kids.

Most of our passengers bring their phones, but remember that overseas trips may result in roaming charges. Depending on your destination, you may prefer to leave your phone at home, so you can give yourself a bit of ‘screen-free’ time.

Use the extra space in your pocket to bring a camera, a few snacks and an mp3 player, plus a pair of headphones as well. And if you’re heading overseas for the day, don’t forget to pack your passport.

On the Coach

Coach trips are all about kicking back and letting go of stress, and we’ve designed the experience to cater for your every need. On-board restrooms mean you can relax in comfort, and your seats recline to give you space to stretch out. The majority of our large coaches have arm and foot rests, and you’ll get plenty of legroom too.

Our drivers will only stop at designated pick-up points, so you’ll make progress speedily. While seated, we recommend that you fasten your seatbelt to ensure safety for everyone on board.

Enjoying the Day

Once you arrive at your destination, your driver will drop you off and let you know the pick-up time and location. While you can join in with activities at some destinations, we leave you free to plan your own day.

Keep refreshed and hydrated while you’re exploring; we recommend that you pick up refreshments for the journey home. You can also shop to your heart’s content, as there’s enough storage space under the bus for everything you want to bring back. In fact, our coaches are ideal if you’re going on one of our many scheduled shopping trips, since it’s impossible to fill the boot!

Travel Expertise

Mayday Travel are the experts in coach trips and excursions. If you fancy a change of scenery, but you’re not sure what a coach trip can offer, we’re the right people to ask. For more information, check out our scheduled trips, or contact us about coach hire in London.