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Prepare for Christmas with a trip to Europe

By 25th November 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips
Bruges Christmas Market

Bruges Christmas Market

It’s an old and tired cliché, but Christmas comes around with increasing swiftness every year. It sometimes feels like you’ve just tugged down the last piece of tinsel from last year, before it’s time to stick it all back up again.

Compare that to how it felt when you were a child, when the last week before Christmas dragged with all the speed of a valley-gorging glacier.

If you usually find yourself spending the last few weeks before Christmas hunting down elusive gifts for people you haven’t seen for years, why not consider doing something a little different? How does a trip to see the festive sights of Europe sound? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Prague, the Czech Republic

The Czech capital is a place where time seems to stand still during the festive period. The air may be chilly, but the city extends a warm welcome to tourists from all over the world. The streets of Prague are a wonderland at Christmas, with twinkling festive lights adorning the trees, houses and historical buildings, to help lift your spirits and get you into the festive mood.

Leipzig, Germany

If you know anything about Germany, then you’ll know that it has a reputation for offering some of the best Christmas markets in the world. Leipzig is possibly the pick of all German cities at this festive time. Its market is comprised of nearly 250 stalls, offering the best selection of Christmas gifts and traditional Yuletide fare.

Copenhagen, Denmark

You haven’t seen Christmas lights until you see the Danish capital lit up at Christmas time. Copenhagen comes alive in the festive season. You can soak up the festive spirit on an atmospheric evening stroll, and settle down with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. End the night with a plateful of traditional Danish pancake balls filled with apple sauce for a perfect Christmas evening.

Salzburg, Austria

You may think Germany is the pinnacle of Christmas markets, but the markets in Austria certainly give them a run for their money. Austria is a land rich with customs and traditions, and none more so than at Christmas. The city of Salzburg is surrounded by dozens of villages. In the winter the villagers come to the city to celebrate and shop at the hundreds of market stalls, filled with traditional Christmas wares. Why not join them?

Mayday Travel’s Christmas Trips

If you want to see the best of Christmas festivities around Europe, and take in as many sights as is possible, you will need a great deal of planning and preparation, even if it’s just for a week or two. With Christmas just around the corner, finding the time for planning can be difficult, so why not leave the logistics to someone else?

Booking onto an organised coach tour can do this for you. Mayday Travel runs specialist tours at Christmas, to the most popular Christmas markets. All of your travel is organised by us, so you don’t have to think about it. Get in touch now and see what Christmas trips we have on offer!