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Choosing the Right Coach Company: Reliability and More

By 11th June 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel Safety, Day Trips, Vehicles
Luxury vehicle hire with WiFi

Luxury vehicle hire with WiFi

When you search for a coach company to handle those long journeys, you’ll want to find a service that you can stick with long term. Once you’re settled with one provider, changing to another can be disruptive, and it often pays to build up a relationship with a company that’s right for you.

At Mayday Travel, we realise that many of our customers choose us because we’re reliable. For transportation services, that’s really important, and we’re pleased that we’re seen as a dependable provide.

However, getting the right company to provide your coach services is about more than good timekeeping.

Vehicle Choice

There’s no point in hiring a coach for a small group, or hiring multiple minibuses for a school outing. Your coach company should be able to provide a range of different vehicles to suit your group size.

Mayday Travel offers full size luxury coaches, as well as smaller vehicles and vans, so you will never have to pay for something that’s far too big. From people carriers to double-decker buses, we’ll accommodate any party in style.

Space to Relax

Getting the right transport isn’t just about putting bums on seats. Your coach company should be able to recommend a suitable vehicle based on the purpose of the trip.

For example, if your party will have lots of luggage, they won’t want to be squashed into the back of a people carrier with bags on their laps. If you are travelling with children, it may be worth considering a vehicle with an on-board washroom so that everyone can travel in comfort.


Many coach trips involve the transport of vulnerable people and children. Can you be confident that all of the staff working with those children have been Enhanced DBS (formally Enhanced CRB) checked? Mayday Travel ensures that everyone passes an Enhanced DBS (formally Enhanced CRB) check alongside a Drivers CPC (Drivers Certificate Of Professional Competence).

In addition, our team all hold an NVQ in Passenger Transportation, so they know how to manage successful, safe and secure coach trips in the UK and overseas.

Local Knowledge

When you need to meet a deadline, you need a driver who knows the way. Sounds obvious, but many drivers don’t do their research and can end up causing delays on important journeys.

Mayday Travel offers coach trips through Europe, and because of its London location, drivers are also experts at navigating the capital. This kind of experience is invaluable when travelling through a busy city at peak periods, where timekeeping is key. Don’t worry about it: we’ll do all the pre-work, planning and research to ensure you always make it to your destination on time.

Hiring a Coach

Make your travel arrangements with Mayday Travel today. Simply give us a call on 0208 680 5111 and speak to a friendly advisor. Hire a coach in Surrey, Essex or Kent, book transport through London or buy a ticket for a quick trip to the continent. Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure you’re transported by a knowledgeable driver backed by decades of experience in UK and European travel.