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Coach travel used to have a bad reputation. It really has come a long way from the stuffy, squishy and smelly tin cans that many people associated it with. In fact, nowadays, it can be a pleasant alternative to overcrowded and overpriced trains. London is a well-connected city but any Londoner will know that travelling in or around the capital is not always easy or comfortable. So, how exactly can coach travel trump other London transport links?

Avoid the Tube woes

The fight for a seat. The armpit in your face. The stuffiness. Sound familiar? We all recognise the troubles of travelling on the Tube. It can be an irritating and uncomfortable experience. But, with coach travel, many of these troubles are alleviated, which is why it’s become such a popular option for corporate travel. Coaches now have plenty of legroom per seat and have a seat for everyone; so, if you and your colleagues are on your way to a corporate event, you won’t have any more unwanted armpits interrupting your journey! Air conditioning is a major feature of coach travel to regulate the vehicle’s temperature, which means no more clammy Tube travel. Thank goodness. And booking beforehand means you are also guaranteed a seat; that way, you can travel with ease and read your book in peace.

Get out of London without the expense of your own car

As much as those who live and work in London love the city, a break is needed from the bright lights every now and then. When a getaway is needed, cars or vans are often an easy way of getting yourself around. Yet, travelling by car can be costly. Travelling by coach means that you can still get around with the ease of a car, but at a cheaper price. Planning a trip with a big group? Split the cost between everyone. Coach travel makes your journeys cheaper and easier without your comfort being compromised!

Be on time

How many times have you been left waiting for a late replacement bus service or a cancelled train? Probably too many times to mention! All Londoners know that delays are commonplace on public transport, so why take the risk? With carefully planned routes and reliable timetables, coach travel runs like clockwork. So opt for coach travel to avoid the delays and be on time to your corporate event!

Here at Mayday Travel, we offer affordable and comfortable coach travel to make your journeys easier. Just contact us today to book your private corporate coach hire. It may be that you’re travelling to Mayfair for a special event or Greenwich to visit the observatory or maybe you’re heading to Crystal Palace for an exhibition, we can get you there in comfort and style.