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Is Cheap Coach Travel a Viable Option?

By 21st December 2015October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Corporate Coach Hire
Does cheap coach travel exist in London?

Does cheap coach travel exist in London?

Coach travel hasn’t always had the most glamorous reputation. The coach has long been associated with school trips and budget getaways, with old vehicles prone to cranking out noxious fumes. Most of us remember clambering aboard coaches for swimming trips at school, and enduring uncomfortable seats, suffocating heat and many journeys without any seatbelts.

Over the last decade, coaches have improved massively and are barely recognisable compared to the creaking buses we used to use in the 60s and 70s. But is the coach taking on a new guise? Can cheap coach travel really be viable when compared to the railway network? Or, in an age of cheap flights, has the humble coach trip had its day?

Coach Travel is Back in Vogue

The reputation of coach travel is recovering remarkably quickly when you consider how long our memories are. Modern coaches are safer, greener and more comfortable than the vehicles we used to ride in, and in an age of austerity, many sceptics have embraced the coach once again.

Compared to rail travel, the coach is very inexpensive, despite the fact that fuel prices have risen. When you travel by coach, you’re sharing the cost. That also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Thinking of air travel specifically, this also presents an interesting question for lovers of overseas travel. When you think about the amount of pollution caused by passenger jets, are you comfortable taking multiple short haul flights to Europe? The coach provides a far more eco-friendly alternative. OK, it might take you a little longer to get there, but our luxury vehicles help you to enjoy the journey just as much as the holiday itself.

Anger management

Many of our passengers tell us they’re simply fed up with driving, particularly if they have to commute to and from work by car. When it’s time for a holiday, the last thing you need is yet another battle with traffic, or an afternoon navigating a one-way system without the aid of a map.

Coach travel offers the luxury of a driver for both directions, so there’s no traffic to worry about, no petrol to buy, and you can even have a swift drink at your destination. Our drivers are part of the package we offer, and they’re there to make sure you have fun and stay safe on your trip.

Why not try the coach?

Compared to air, car and rail travel, the coach is becoming more and more popular. It’s more than just a viable alternative; for many people, there are obvious advantages to choosing coach trips over other forms of transport. Mayday Travel offers a range of vehicles, from cars to double decker buses, and we also organise scheduled day trips to destinations in the UK and overseas.

If you’re curious about coach travel, it’s time to switch. Give us a call today. We’ll give you a list of our upcoming scheduled trips, and tell you just how comfortable and luxurious our superb, modern coaches really are.